Loughborough University has so many opportunities to get involved, meet new people and have fun! Whether you are into sport, K-Pop, cocktails or even alpacas – there is something for everybody!


One of the most common and popular ways of getting involved at the University is through the abundance of societies on offer. There are over one-hundred societies to choose from and there is no limit on how many you would like to be a part of. Societies are student-led and student-run groups that enable students to carry on hobbies they love, meet new people who have the same interest as you and learn new skills. In many ways, the societies allow students to find a sense of belonging and a home away from home – something incredibly important when moving away for the first time. Take a look at the list of societies we have at Loughborough and if there isn’t one for you, then go ahead and start your own!

AU Clubs

Are you into sport? Then the Athletic Union (AU) is home to fifty-eight clubs which offer students a plethora of sporting opportunities. With the multitude of sport on offer, there is a huge range to get involved in. Wanting to get involved in a new sport but not sure if it is for you? The Clubs offer a wide variety of taster sessions, from complete beginners to advanced, so you can get a real sense for the sport on offer here at Loughborough.

My Lifestyle

Following on from the AU Clubs, sport is obviously a huge part of the Loughborough experience. For those who are wanting to get involved in the sporting scene a bit more casually, I would definitely recommend the My Lifestyle classes available on campus. These are free exercise and sport classes available on the Loughborough Sport app. I really enjoyed going to these and I met so many new people in a relaxed and engaging environment. My personal favourite was the UV Zumba! There are so many of these classes on offer, with multiple running each day. Be sure to reserve your spot quickly as they are incredibly popular!

Flix Student Cinema

Something which I absolutely love at the University is Flix – the student run cinema. I find that many chain cinema companies are incredibly expensive and for someone who loves going to the cinema and getting that specific film watching experience, sometimes I find the price a little difficult to justify. However, Flix offers incredibly reasonably priced tickets for a huge variety of films. From Marvel films to indie films there is something for everybody. Just have a look at the amazing films Flix have shown – I would say a better variety than the well-known chain cinema companies!


If you are interested in charity work and projects then Rag is something you should definitely get involved with! Rag has a wide range of opportunities for students to get involved with local, national and international charities. Arctic dog sledging, sky diving and marathons are just a few of the ways to get involved with Rag. Rag is such an integral part of the University as since 2008, £1 million has been raised by Rag for a huge variety of charities. As well as £17 million being raised since 1979! From these numbers, it is clear to see that Rag is an incredibly rewarding opportunity for the students at Loughborough.


Another way to get involved in some rewarding projects and work is through Action. Action is a great way of helping the local and wider community by getting stuck in to a number of different projects on offer. Within Action, there are seven areas to get involved in, these are: Community Outreach, Sport, International, Overseas, Young Persons, Equality and Diversity, A-Teams (which are hall-led projects) and Department-Led Projects. There are over forty-five individual projects to get involved in – from helping out at the soup kitchen to working at an alpaca farm you will never run out of options!


If one of the things you would love to develop at University is your own business and business initiative, then Enterprise is the place for you! Whether you have an incredibly detailed business plan or have a few ideas, Enterprise is about bringing these to life. Enterprise is all about “inspir[ing] students to recognise their potential and to see how other people in similar situations to your own have started projects and businesses”. Throughout the year, Enterprise also hold some really inspiring talks with various speakers and companies, with one of them previously being Arya Stark herself – Maisie Williams!


Another great way to get involved at the University and learn some new skills is through LSU Media. Whether you are into journalism, presenting, radio, photography as well as taking part in many roles behind the scenes, then Media is a great way to get stuck into all of this! Lens is our official student photography group of Loughborough University and allows you to meet like-minded individuals and express your creativity through the art of photography. Label is our journalism sector of LSU Media and allows you to write articles on our weekly briefs as well as your own ideas! Applications for the new Label Committee are still open and if this is something you are interested in, I would definitely recommend applying! LSUTV allows students to showcase their presenting and producing talents and has tonnes of opportunities throughout the year. Finally, LCR is our very own Loughborough Campus Radio. With the help of the media team, you can broadcast your own radio shows which go live on air, or even create your own podcast! Creating content daily, LSU Media is a place for all artists and creative to project their talent and work!


Header photograph by Kongpote Chamapun.


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