Editorial Guidance


Op-eds are personal opinion pieces composed by members of the Loughborough community, including students and student groups. It is important to note that these pieces do not necessarily represent the perspectives of Label’s Editorial Board. Effective op-eds typically feature robust and well-supported arguments, offer unique perspectives on current issues, and demonstrate clear relevance to the Loughborough community.

We actively encourage op-ed submissions from all members of the Loughborough community. In general, op-ed authors should be affiliated with Loughborough, with exceptions made only in rare extenuating circumstances. The evaluation of op-eds is at the discretion of the Editors, and submissions can be made through the provided link. Op-eds should ideally range between 650 and 850 words, and, with few exceptions, must be attributed to one to three named individuals. Op-eds mustn’t be submitted under a pseudonym or on behalf of an entire organisation. Even when authored by named individuals, we will not accept articles that fail to present an argument beyond the mission statement of a given organisation.

Op-eds contributed by non-Label writers should refrain from including reported content such as interviews with external parties. Additionally, we will not consider op-eds explicitly crafted in response to previously published content; for responses to our articles, we direct contributors to our “Letters to the Editor” section.


Loughborough Label features a diverse group of editorial columnists who contribute bi-weekly columns. While some columnists may also serve as Label editors, the majority do not. During the selection process for each semester, the Editorial Board strives to choose columnists covering a wide array of themes and expressing various opinions. Columns typically range between 450 and 650 words.

Columnists are tasked with concentrating on specific issues or themes, with common topics encompassing Loughborough undergraduate life, national politics, society, and personal identity. Loughborough students keen on penning a column for Label are warmly invited to reach out to the Label Editor prior to the commencement of a semester.

Letters to the Editor

The Label Editorial Board highly values reactions to our published opinions and other content featured in The Loughborough Label. Letters to the Editor are expected to directly address either a recently published opinion piece on the Editorial page or how The Loughborough Label has covered a topic across its sections. Please note that letters addressing the subject matter of a non-opinion Label article, rather than the Label’s coverage of that subject, will not be considered.

The evaluation of Letters to the Editor is at the discretion of the Editors. Submissions should be sent to the Label Editor and typically range between 350 and 550 words. We require Letters to the Editor to be signed by one to three named individuals, with the possibility of additional signers’ names being hyperlinked in the piece. It’s important to note that we do not accept Letters to the Editor from organisations or anonymous writer

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