Popular Catalonian club, Barcelona FC who currently sit at second on the La Liga Table are discussing a potential split with huge American brand, Nike after 26 years. The iconic Nike tick logo has appeared on the club shirts since 1998 and have founded some of the most iconic Blaugrana shirts, so this departure would be the start of something new that fans find hard to picture. 

SPORT reported that the current system with Nike, sees Barca receiving a minimum of $114.75 million a season, spanning to highs of $169 million, which is dependent on the quantity of incentives met. Trouble has risen due to Barca directors being convinced that Nike should be compensating the Catalan giants, much more than they currently receive as only $72 million corresponds to sponsorship income. This belief of under -compensation has thus led Barca President, Joan Laporta to accuse Nike of breaching the contract and stating though their efforts have been ‘greatly appreciated but that is not enough,’ leading them to explore further options for the club going forward. 

Barca’s current contract with Nike keeps them signed until June 2028, however if Barca are able to leave this deal early, it leaves them open for grabs as early as next season. Though Boston based sports brand, New Balance registered interest in the Spanish football club, German brand Puma holds the most appealing offer, emerging as strong contenders to represent the club. With Puma reportedly prepared to pay more than $107 million to replace the deal, the Spanish club are also making news as they are instead debating taking an outright new step of creating their own brand to manufacture their kits, preferably swaying towards an in-house manufacturer.

Though no further deals or contracts have been made or signed, the coming weeks will be crucial in terms of where and who the brand of Barcelona will lie with. Will they stick with their infamous ‘Just Do It’ American Nike giants or branch out and try a new branding idea, or take it one step further and produce their own shirts to be distributed? 

Edited by Grace Hughes


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