Students at a variety of colleges in the United States are calling upon their institution to divest from companies with ties to Israel. Colombia, Michigan, Rice, Yale, Ohio State, Princeton, MIT, and Stamford University have all had students taking action in support of Palestine on campus.


Under the watch of a handful of campus police officers, over 100 students and faculty members at Princeton University gathered on a lawn near the Ivy League institution’s center to protest Israel’s ongoing military operations in Gaza. Princeton University is the latest local university to see pro-Palestinian student protesters erect tents on campus amid national debate over the war in Gaza between Israel and Hamas.

♬ original sound – The Philadelphia Inquirer

Students at Colombia set up a “Gaza Solidarity Encampment” on 17th April – however the university President said students violated campus rules so she called the police, which lead to over 100 student arrests.

At the University of Texas, State Troopers were called in, clashing with students peacefully protesting. Whilst at Emory University a female professor was pushed to the ground by an officer, alongside a taser being used on a man who was already detained and on the ground [source: video posted on @alijazeeraenglish on Instagram, 26/04/24].

Whilst some Jewish students have said these protests have made them fearful, many Jewish students have joined in the protests. Susan Bernofsky, Colombia Professor, boldly stated

“I do not feel that this project is antisemitic in any way. I do feel that the students are highly critical of Israeli politics and I do not believe that, that is inherently antisemitic at all”.

Protests have started disrupting European Universities, with students from Sorbonne University, France, calling on the French government to help the people of Palestine.


Students from #SorbonneUniversity are calling on the #French government to help Palestinians. Those protesting in support of Palestine say they want their demonstrations to have the same impact as those taking place across #US university campuses. #News #paris #france

♬ original sound – Al Jazeera English

With pressure growing for institutions to divest and be active in support of Palestine, it is expected that the number of protests occurring will only grow.


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