Meet your Democracies and Communities Executive Officer candidate – Danny Smith! See what he had to say about his campaign when he sat down with Label.

What are the main points of your manifesto?

My manifesto is centred around giving the power back to the students. My first point is increased accountability within LSU – I want to make sure the students are at the heart of all the Union’s objectives and hold staff to account so those are being met. I want to overhaul democracy to ensure your voice is heard and that students feel their democracy matters. I want better relations with the University to ensure students get the best out of their time at Loughborough. 

What previous experience do you have which is important to the role?

I’m definitely an LSU keeno. I’ve held positions across all of LSU. I first started my journey in Robert Bakewell Hall on the Hall Committee as a Social Sec and since then I’ve also sat on HSF (Hall Students Federation) and DSF (Department Student Federation). I now sit on DRC (Democracy Representation Committee). A huge part of the role is obviously the democracy and I’ve ran many elections so, I’ve had lots of experience in that. I’ve also had leadership experience – leading many of these different committees and sitting on their Execs as well as being their Hall Chair. I definitely think I have the necessary experience.

What ways will you support the sections?

In my time at Loughborough, I have in some form or another been involved in all of the sections. I will definitely bring my experience from across LSU to make sure that they feel supported. I would also be a listening ear – offering drop-in sessions to not only the Community Leads but, to their committees as well if they feel they need any support. Periodic welfare check-ins: keeping an eye on people and  just making sure that they feel happy within their role and feeling content. 

How important do you think your role is within the Exec?

I think my role within the Exec is definitely very important because we wouldn’t have an Exec without someone to run the election. The Union Exec should listen to the students and my role is making sure that the students’ voice is what makes the decisions at LSU and that’s why it is very important.  


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