With gyms reopening almost a fortnight ago, Label volunteer, Rosa Serret enlightens us on the music that motivates her through a gym session.

The 12th of April was a deep sense of relief for all of us, but particularly those that are keen gym-goers. Briefly, I think you should all give yourself so much credit for getting through this winter without the gym. For some of us it’s a lifeline, an escape from the realities of life, a place to feel a sense of belonging. The fact that you (yeah, I’m talking to you) made it through regardless of what lockdown exercise you did or didn’t do, is something you should be so proud of. Loughborough is renowned for sports facilities, and I think as a whole community, we are thrilled to be back.

But it’s been a while since you’ve been in, and you may be struggling to find that motivation you once had back in the Autumn. Personally, my fitness is nothing like it used to be and it can feel demoralising not being able to lift the same weight you used to or finish the same number of sets or reps as you used to. This can make you feel a little down, less confident or less motivated. But don’t worry, because I’ve got you covered. Music is the reason why workouts are so fun for me, and when a song comes on that inspires you to work harder, run faster, lift heavier, it’s a win! So, I’ve made a playlist specifically designed to make you feel invincible, on level 3000, and ignite a fire to make you push harder and feel confident.

The full playlist is provided in the link below, but I’ve provided my top 10 from this playlist below. You need the hype? Let me bring the hype.

  1. ‘Till I Collapse – Eminem, Nate Dogg
  2. Power – Kanye West
  3. Hell & Back – Kid Ink
  4. Run for your Life – The Seige
  5. Tribes – Chase and Status
  6. X Gon’ Give It To Ya – DMX
  7. Send it – Steve Aoki, Will Sparks
  8. Badman Riddim (Jump) – Vato Gonzalez, Foreign Beggars
  9. London Bridge – Fergie
  10. Disco dancing – Will Sparks


Here are the reasons for picking out some of these tracks!

  1. Hell & Back by Kid Ink – recently spotted this one out on the speakers on the Rugby XVs pitch whilst presenting a Lightning game against Worcester Warriors. The track was produced to be about grabbing the world by your hand and to believe everything you want you can get. To be completely honest I hadn’t listened to Kid Ink before this, but this track is a perfect addition to the workout especially after the year we’ve had. Need some motivation, this one is the one!
  2. Run for Your Life by The Seige – This I randomly found on another gym playlist whilst I was on the squat rack and there was no way I was leaving that rack early after playing this, add another kg, go on! The Seige is made up of Hip Hop artist James Cronley and producer Riley Taylor. You can hear them a lot in the background of movies and video games, so you can already tell what kind of song this would be, and boy if you’re planning on skipping the gym, play this one and you’ll be changing your mind within seconds!
  3. London Bridge by Fergie – included for all my girls out there who have told me how they lack confidence to work hard in the gym over feeling self-conscious or scared to hit the big weights. Believe me I’ve been there, especially on days when you don’t believe you look or feel good enough or strong enough. Fergie, originally in Black Eyed Peas, is iconic for tracks such as London Bridge and Fergalicious, which are there to bring the queen out in all of us. Pop this one on and walk into that gym like you own it, because you do!

Stay safe and have fun! (Remember, take your time, no one is rushing you to look to be as strong as you used to be, it’s a pandemic. Be kind to yourself and enjoy yourself!)


Header designed by Annabel Smith – Assistant Head of Design

Article Edited by Matthew Rousou – Label Music Editor


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