Charnwood Borough Council (the local council for the Loughborough area) have today published a statement relating to the return of students to Loughborough next week.

The local council has been preparing for “months” to make the return of students to Loughborough “safe and Covid-secure”. They have also been giving advice to pubs and landlords on how to be COVID-secure.

“The number of Covid-19 cases has risen locally and nationally and that’s why everyone has a role to play in tackling the virus.” Councillor Jenny Bokor said.

“Significant steps have been taken by Loughborough University… to create a safe and welcoming environment for the students.” she added that “Now it is up to them to play their part and follow the guidance put in place to keep everyone safe.”

On top of the COIVD guidence given out by both the University and Public Health England, Ms Bokor has asked students to “look after their property” and emphasised that we “can’t forget the bins – please read the information you have been provided with and place the correct waste out and make sure you take them in after.”

The Police Commander for Charnwood, Inspector Mark Botte, has added “We are looking forward to welcoming the student population back to the borough, clearly term time looks a lot different this year”.

He then highlighted the role of the Police during the pandemic: “we are here to support all students and would ask that students adhere to Covid legislation and local guidance and keep themselves and others safe.”

The statement preempts the return of upwards of 14 thousand students in the next two weeks. Loughborough University have previously announced that if any student breaches the COVID guidelines then they will face a 14-day ban from campus, and may face academic disciplinary procedures if they then breach this ban.

The Prime Minister will today announce a return of several restrictions to our freedoms in order to control the virus, most notably the curfew on hospitality venues at 10pm every day.

The Students’ Union has yet to make an announcement about what this may mean for the Freshers’ events they had planned.


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