Freshers’ Hall subs are a subscription fee you pay towards your hall of residence, which allows you to participate in all hall events throughout the year, IMS, and other sectional activities, and attend Winter Ball, Summer Ball, and your Hall Day.

The Coronavirus pandemic has wildly impacted how Loughborough Freshers’ Fortnight will be run this year, including the cancellation of Rag’s Colour Dash, heavily limited Action projects, and the Sports / Activities Bazaars being delivered online as a ‘Virtual Fayre’.

To understand a little more on what changes have been made for this years Freshers, we reached out to various Hall Committees to find out how they have budgeted for Freshers’ Fortnight, and what activities they have organised for their new income of freshers.

One committee member told us that there will be events held within hall flats such as being “given cocktail sets and pizza boxes so they can make their own food and drink as a household.”

Many hall subs have been reduced this year to accommodate the lack of a normal Freshers’, and the subs will be not just for Fresher events: “Freshers purchasing these subs will be able to participate in all the events run by the hall for the whole year, so not only for freshers week!”

“Subs helps subsidise the cost you have to pay to certain events throughout the year, such as Winter and Summer Balls. With Lockdown affecting people’s financial freedom, we’ve decided to reflect our considerations by reducing Fresher Sub prices. This was also influenced by quantity of events we can safely provide.”

One Committee member we spoke to told us that the Hall Sub money will be partly going towards PPE, “for example each student in Elvyn will be provided with a mask on move in.”

 There has been concern by some in the Loughborough community that the Hall Subs are still too expensive for what they’re getting, especially if COVID restrictions are tightened.

One fresher spoke to Label:

“My hall subs were £100, and I am aware that it is a bit less than last year.  I am fine to pay it now, but if there is another lockdown and events are cancelled, I would expect some kind of refund as we aren’t getting what was promised.”

More information regarding your hall’s subs and prices can be found here.

Loughborough Students’ Union has released a video explaining what you can gain from purchasing your hall subs:


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