Loughborough Students’ Union has revealed their detailed plans for the Freshers’ 2020 events, which are both online and in person.

The plans, released on Monday, have been fleshed out on Friday night with Facebook events being published on LSU’s page.


The first event scheduled for Freshers’ is ‘Oktobersesh’, which will be held on 8 separate dates starting on the 26th of September and ending on the 3rd of October.

This is a halls-only event, so is exclusive to Freshers. LSU promises to “transport you to Munich… without the risk of two weeks self-isolation afterwards”

This event is expected to be similar to ‘bierkeller’ but with significant social distancing measures in place, such as students being confined to their own bench with 5 other housemates.

More details of this event can be found here.

The Socially Distanced Social Club

Seemingly the central event of Freshers’ 2020 is the ‘Socially Distanced Social Club’ which Label understands to be a large ‘tent’ that has been erected in Shirley Pearce Square, has been promised to provide students with a ‘great atmosphere’ whilst remaining socially distant.

The club is a ‘festival themed tent’ that will host a ‘diverse range of entertainment’ throughout Freshers’ Fortnight.

You must pre-book your ‘bench’ with up to 5 other people as you cannot just show up. ‘Inside’ benches cost £25 (at least £4 per person) plus a booking fee and ‘Outside’ benches cost £15 (at least £2.50 per person) plus a booking fee.

Loughborough SU has since been in contact with Label to inform us that the booking fee will be “no more than £2.50 for the entire table” and that tables must be booked by one person.

More details of this event can be found here.

Sports and Activities Bazaars

The Freshers’ Bazaars are being held virtually this year, and are where you can find out all the information you need to join any sport club, or society, you can think of, including LSU Media!

More details of these events can be found here.

Other events that have been announced include an ‘LSU Carnival’, a ‘Fairground’, as well as virtual DJ sets, Crazy Golf and ‘The Indie Club’.

More details of the other events being held throughout Freshers’ 2020 are expected to be released next week.

Are you looking forward to the events being held by LSU this year? Let us know.

PAGE UPDATED 13:34 20/09/20 to clarify the booking fee.


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