Our EO team have made some pretty big behind-the-scenes decisions this year, from trying to figure out the threatening Union budget, to re-structuring the entire team for this upcoming year.

Though you may think that you have no involvement in the election process, you certainly do. The next team will support YOU, the student body, and do their best to fulfil their manifesto points.

Voting for someone because you support their points, or RONing them because you disagree with them, is important for our democratic process, and means it’s more likely that someone who’s ideal you agree with will get in.

Label asked a few people within the Union why it’s important that students should vote.

“LSU prides itself in providing an unforgettable student experience but this would be near impossible if the Executive team was not representative of that message and mission. This is why we turn to you, the students – The heart of Loughborough. Vote in the Exec Elections 2019 and make sure your voice is heard so that LSU continues to be representative of your home away from home. #Lborofamily”

Nupur Nair, Societies EO

“Campaign week takes over the last week of Feb, and there are so many reasons why you should get involved: Free sweets… fab photo opportunities… and a real way to see who you would like to run our SU. If you don’t vote, you’re not giving yourself any power of influence – which is purely on you and the rest of the student body!!

Being involved in the elections has allowed me to forge close relationships with the executive, being able to go to them when I need help, as well as allowing me to see first hand, the amazing things they manage to do for the students here; not all positions require a large sleigh in piazza or reindeers outside, a lot are much more obscure than that, but knowledge of what they do makes me thankful everyday for our democracy system.”

Izzie Miller, Chair of HSF

“The exec will be implementing changes that will affect YOU, so make sure YOU vote for who you believe is best fit to make those decisions. It’s important to see what each candidate is like and vote for who you feel is most aligned to what you want you want to see from the union. Make your mark!”

Farhannah Badruzaman, Chair of Socials

“Don’t just vote for your friends, or who your committee tell you to. Your experience at Loughborough will be affected by who is elected onto Exec. While you may not understand some of the manifestos or job roles, if there is one thing you can do and definitively should, it is watch the Soapbox where candidates will be grilled and their true colours and potential will show. Being a friend of a friend does not qualify someone for a job and if you don’t vote or vote blindly for the new exec, you have no ground to complain after elections that something is not getting done.”

Lukasz Torzewski, Bakewell Hall Chair

Remember to vote from Monday 21st to Friday 1st, to make your mark and help decide the next team of student representatives. For more info on what to expect over the next couple of weeks, check out our article introducing the elections.
Featured image by: Omeiza Haruna

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