Label Volunteer, Vicki Phillips gives you her review of Netflix’s ‘You’.


The incredibly popular yet troubling Netflix Original show ‘You’ follows the life of stalker, Joe Goldberg and his increasingly sinister obsession with Guinevere Beck. Creepy right? If you’re looking to start a series which keeps you on the edge of your seat, look no further!

Penn Badgley takes on the sickening role of Joe and it’s definitely a change from his Gossip Girl days as Dan Humphrey. He plays it frighteningly well and I fear that my viewing of GG will never be the same again *sigh*.  As the series (consisting of ten episodes) further develops you see Joe transition from stalker to full on psychopath. At the start, it’s so easy to naively believe that Joe simply wants to protect Beck however, his spiral into committing numerous crimes and various murders to have her all to himself immediately suggests that this is more than a harmless infatuation.

However what’s most intriguing about the plot is the constant mention of Joe’s past, a piece of the puzzle which, till this day, remains a mystery. The questions surrounding his past relationships appear to be simply impossible to pin down and with the ending being left to a definite second season, I can’t wait to find out what else is in store.

In summary, ‘You’, based on the novel by Caroline Kepnes, presents the horrifying dangers of living a life so openly on social media and unfortunately the crazy consequences that could affect any one of us. Each episode leaves you on a cliff-hanger, wanting to know more and as crazy as it sounds, you’ll start to become obsessed. This is the perfect series to binge watch and enjoy when you’re meant to be doing uni work but I can guarantee that after watching, you’ll going to want to put all your social media accounts on private.


Featured image by: Omeiza Haruna


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