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Spring careers fair

The Graduate and Placement fair returns this month so if you haven’t found your placement yet or just need some inspiration, head down to Sir David Wallace sports hall on February 26th. A range of employers will be visiting campus, from supermarkets to financial firms, so be sure to go and have a look and book your place in the many events that will be hosted.

Candy Kittens

Our very own alumnus Ed Williams and his business partner and Made in Chelsea star, Jamie Lang, join us on February 21st to talk about their path to the creation of Candy Kittens. The talk is a ticket only event so make sure to book your place. It is set to take place in EHB at 6:30pm.

LGBT+ History Month
This month we celebrate LGBT+ History Month and there are multiple events taking place across campus. The celebrations kicked off on with the popular ‘Out’ club night, an event for meeting new people and celebrating differences. Other events include Pride in STEM, cocktail events and the LGBT+ Community: In Portraits, an exhibition in Martin Hall. So be sure to have a look out for these and embrace our differences!

Youth Strike for Climate

This morning thousands of children in 60 towns and cities took part in a strike from lessons to campaign climate change and to try and promote action from governments and councils alike. As part of the Schools 4 Climate Action initiative, the movement hopes that missing their education will highlight the serious and important nature of their cause and get their voices heard. This follows a trend across Europe and Australia, where tens and thousands of school children have taken to the streets to protest.

Trump Declares US Emergency

On Friday, Mr Trump signed the emergency declaration along with a spending bill aimed at preventing a repeat of a recent government shutdown. Making the announcement in the White House Rose Garden, the president said the emergency would allow him to get almost $8bn for the wall. California and New York said they would take legal action to challenge his move to bypass Congress and secure funding for the project. House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi highlighted a remark by Trump during his announcement that “I didn’t need to do this, but I’d rather do it much faster.” Showing her disagreement with the President’s decision.

Origami-Inspired Solar Panel

A unique origami-inspired solar panel has the potential to turn windows into a source of electricity for any apartment dweller. The Soligami project, which was created by Australian architectural startup Prevalents, is one of the finalists for the 2019 Lexus Design Award. For urban residences and buildings, implementing renewable sources of energy can be difficult; this is a solar panel system that works similarly to shutter blinds so that light can still be allowed to pass through a window while generating energy.


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