Label Volunteer, Isaac Cave, brings you his top 5 shows on Netflix right now.


With broadcast TV leaving many of us bored to death on a daily basis, it’s no surprise that the use of streaming services like Netflix has grown significantly. The selection of quality films (sometimes questionable) and award-winning TV shows often keeps even the most dedicated student binge-watching for days. So here are my top five Netflix TV shows and if you’re not a fan, well I’m sure you have some independent study to be getting on with…


One Punch Man

Yes, we’re beginning this list with a Japanese anime and this superhero series is unlike anything you’ve seen before. It’s one of the funniest parodies you’ll ever see, featuring a powerful superhero who defeats any enemy with a single punch. This may not sound like an absolute winner but trust me when I say, these producers find a way to make it work. With a set of colourful and varied characters, One Punch Man is hilarious and unique in its superhero storytelling.

The Punisher

Moving onto something a little darker and a little gorier, Marvel’s The Punisher follows Frank Castle, an ex-special forces operative, who loses his family in a mob shootout and decides that gunning down every criminal in New York is the best form of retaliation. Despite being filled to the brim with disturbing violence, you can’t help but feel sympathetic to Frank’s plight throughout. It’s not going to appeal to everyone, but it’s packed full of conspiracy and violence to make it a worthwhile watch.

Jessica Jones (Seasons 1 & 2)

Jessica Jones is a great watch for anyone fond of the noir genre. She’s an alcoholic private detective with a troubled past who doesn’t play by the rules but knows how to get results. But before you roll your eyes fast enough to generate electricity, this is the most engaging Marvel storyline I’ve ever experienced with David Tennant making a powerful appearance (for all you Doctor Who fans out there) as a villain. With more twists, turns and gut punches than a boxing octopus, this is a truly excellent show.

Rick and Morty (Seasons 1, 2 & 3)

Anyone who’s even remotely heard of the internet could guess this one was coming. In case you’ve spent the last few years in a dark cave or under a rock somewhere, Rick and Morty is what would happen if you took Back to the future and made Doc a swearing alcoholic and Marty a clueless moron. Steeped in science and Lovecraftian mythology, this is a brilliantly written sci-fi that will have you in fits of laughter.

BoJack Horseman (Seasons 1, 2,3, 4 & 5)

This is it…. My number one show. Five seasons of tragic, funny and truly heart-rending storytelling focused on a washed-up TV actor struggling with depression, alcoholism and the cruel unforgiving world of the entertainment industry. It’s an absolute masterpiece filled with a gripping storyline and impressive animation. This programme is binge-worthy from start to finish.

Well, there’s my top five recommendations for you guys. Of course, there are a lot more shows that I could suggest but we’d be here all day and ain’t nobody got time for that!


Featured image by: Amie Woodyatt


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