Role profile for LSUTV Head of Entertainment

In charge of Entertainment based programming such as comedy, nights programmes, cultural shows, and interviews with acts playing at the union as well as new proposed shows.

Duties and responsibilities:

• Support regular entertainment shows such as a yet untitled Nights Show, CLASS, FNC, and more.
• Effectively and regularly communicate with producers to make sure shows are well planned and regularly produced to a high standard.
• Support regular weekly live shows, in coordinating entertainment and culture based content.
• Assign producers to shows and support and develop volunteers ideas for new shows.
• Attend committee meetings.


• Develop knowledge of TV industry.
• Steer the direction of the stations’ Entertainment output.

Useful previous experience:

• Leadership/training abilities.
• Planning skills.
• A keen interest in developing new show/output ideas.

Average time commitment:

• Around 10 hours per week.
• Additional time during busy periods such as Exec Elections and Freshers’.

Responsible to:

LSUTV Station Manager

Apply for the role here. Deadline is Monday 24st June.

For more information, please email Joshua Gray.


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