Friday’s are now known for the charts, both past and present – but rather than run down the past like some nostalgic hedonist, we’re seeking the future, bringing you a ‘track of the week’, each week (we’re good like that), from a multitude of up and coming bands and artists, as well as a few album tracks that have been kept under the radar.

Up this week: ‘Face It’ ft. Khazali– VUURWERK

It’s not everyday that the two main members of a band have such an intriguing day job as that of VUURWERK. With daytime activities including being psychoanalysts and psychologists, it’s not just the music that makes VUURWERK intriguing. Thought dwellers by day, music purveyors by night.

For the London based duo, ‘Face It’ is an electronic clash of synths and slick vocals, courtesy of singer-songwriter Khazali. Setting the pace, as most electro and indeed techno songs do, ‘Face It’ isn’t making track of the week just for its fresh production, there’s the visual element too.

Music and visuals are harmonious at the best of times, and are nothing short of that here. In a track that explores the ego and the weight of our own expectations (we see the day job seeping in there), the visuals are an extension of that, flitting between cool artistry and the simple exploration of a relationship.

Make sure to check out more from VUURWERK, and we’ll see you next week for another new track of the week!


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