The hockey fixture began with a nice sunny start!

The final commences after Loughborough secured a 4-0 win against Oxford in the semi-finals. They hoped to seek revenge on Cambridge, as Cambridge took the title off them last year.

The match started off very balanced and after a few minutes Cambridge began to dominate possession. Cambridge shot on goal, but luckily for Loughborough, they missed. Loughborough defended well and countered on the wing. Playing positively, a nice skill set around the bottom of the D ended up creating a stunning goal. Loughborough 1-0.

Cambridge received a 16, yet Loughborough regained possession and made a nice break from the half way to score again. Loughborough 2-0. Minutes later, Loughborough won a short corner and had a near miss. Cambridge made a move up the line yet Loughborough broke this down, countered, and almost scored for a third time.

Nearer half time the possession started to even out, with Cambridge trying to get back into the game. The crowd was electric, the drums going off, the signs blowing in the wind. Loughborough made another speedy run down the pitch, resulting in another near miss.

The whistle sounds for half time.

After the break, Loughborough have a goal disallowed. They remained strong in defence, effective with their passing across each side to create some space. They sped up from the back and created some great play, only to come short, just missing the goal. Cambridge now in possession won a short corner. However, Loughborough worked it up the field and the score now reached an impressive 3-0.

The African Violet stormed down the pitch, with one of the players doing a turn out but it slowly travelled off the back line. The vuvuzela carried the electric atmosphere on, combined with the banging of the drums. Cambridge then scored from the top of the D, from a lovely set up short corner. The score 3-1.

Number 51 from the Loughborough team was sin binned. Cambridge then score again taking the score 3-2.

Cambridge then gained another short corner, however, Loughborough was too strong in defence. Loughborough’s Nadia then made a soaring break through the Cambridge defence but sadly could not pursue the goal.

The final whistle blows, Loughborough win 3-2.

Hannah Pearce


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