Postgraduate EO Candidates’ Manifesto Critique; a comment piece from Label News Editor Ellie MacKenzie. The views presented are those of the writer and not those of Label, LSU Media or Loughborough Students’ Union. 

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As the first ever Postgraduate elections are underway, the manifestos for the two candidates running have been released.

George ‘Game of’ Hones has some interesting ideas, and focuses on getting Postgrad students fully integrated with union events and services. This is something that many students have been calling for in recent years. George has recognised that many PGs who remain in Loughborough through the summer months to conduct their research are often rather isolated and provided with limited services. He has cited a few ideas to improve this such as more computer space, and it will be interesting to hear more on these ideas when George is given the opportunity.

George Hones

Having a welcome DVD giving new students all the relevant information and how they can get involved would arguably be the most beneficial way to relay information for it is something that can be returned to. Furthermore, George’s points on further integrating PGs with the union all sound very interesting and feasible.

Whilst all of George’s ideas sound extremely promising, some may be rather hard to implement. He cites wanting to forego the current system of focus groups, and focus on individual students. This would undoubtedly be beneficial to Postgraduate students and would be the best way to engage with individual issues. However, with over 1500 PGs, this could prove rather too time consuming to put into practise. Furthermore, as George already touches upon, the distance between Loughborough and the London campus is a drawback, and this may make integrating the two somewhat logistically difficult.

Whilst certain ideas may not be that feasible, George is a very promising candidate and appears to have identified numerous areas that need improving and has come up with many viable solutions. Overall, this is a very strong manifesto.

To see the candidates full manifestos, click here!

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