Students are furious as Snapchat and YikYak are offline, while books stored in the University Library are unaffected. A network outage on the morning of Tuesday December 8th has caused chaos right across the higher education institutions across the UK.

Students on campus this morning were asked what they thought is causing the network problems: “It’s all David Cameron’s fault. We’re paying £9,000 for this and I can’t even access the most popular web services for students. Bloody Tories.” -A fellow student who wishes to remain unnamed.

Network operators JISC suggest a denial of service attack has brought some network problems across the UK’s academic institutions:

However some students still blame David Cameron. “He’s cutting the NHS and stopping grants for Nurses. If it wasn’t for this, we wouldn’t be in this position. He’s friends with Donald Trump, it must be him.” -Fellow student.

The University suggested key services such as Google Apps and Office 365 Email are hit whilst “general internet access is also affected”. Thankfully, the hackers have ensured students ability to Netflix and chill is unaffected at this time.

We’ll keep you up to date on this story in our news article as well as via @LabelOnline.


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