Getting to Know Loughborough Women’s Basketball…

BUCS Big Wednesday

Women’s Basketball

Championship Final vs. Northumbria University



This year Loughborough Women’s Basketball 1s have had an incredible season, coming a very close second place in the Premier North Division. The Loughborough Ladies are facing Northumbria University this Wednesday 25th March on home ground at 17:00 in the Sir David Wallace Sports Hall. The game will be live streamed online at so if you can’t make the game, take a watch online!

All of us at LSU Media Sport wish you the best of luck!

Big thanks to Rheanne Bailey, Robyn Lewis, Maaja Brakta, Anna Forsyth & Ellie Maidman for taking the time to film this video with us.

Filmed by Immie, Nicki & Liz

Edited by Liz

Label Sport Editors


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