Beatrice Quarshie

Easter: Jesus didn’t die so you can fail your degree dossing around

For some of us the thought of a month long Easter break has been the only thing getting us through the terror that is Semester Two.

As alluring as a month free of lectures, seminars and/ or labs sounds, it is important not to completely lose grip of your studies, be you a fresher or a finalist.

As welcoming as those four weeks of freedom are it’s important to remember that the subsequent weeks after our delightful return will be full of dissertation deadlines, formative feedback and summative prep and one final push to end of year exams.

If you remember nothing else, remember to find a BALANCE between the things you HAVE to do and the things you WANT to do over this extended period of freedom.

Look after yourself

You’ve managed to make it all the way through to the spring term, don’t let Easter be the time you allow all those pathogens to catch up with you. Be you at home, on campus or in a foreign land: Eat Right! As basic as it sounds make sure you eat your greens and exercise. For those fortunate enough to go home for the break – take full advantage of the fact your mother buys fruit and veg that doesn’t actually come out of a can, such as Tesco’s Finest Pink Lady Apple (although any other brand will suffice). It will create the perfect blend of fitness and nutrition to fuel both your mind and body for whatever is on your agenda.

Work Hard

Easter may seem like a great time to throw caution to the wind and completely forget you’re studying a full time degree course; but unless you want to spend the majority of Week 9 in a panicked frenzy, don’t completely ignore the fact you’re still a student. Create a schedule, be it mental or physical, make sure you know what you plan to work on over Easter. What is the point in lugging back a small travel case of textbooks when you only really needed two of them? Construct a plan for study, execute said plan as best as you can and return to uni feeling on top of your course and ready to completely annihilate the last few weeks of the year.

Play Harder

You’re almost there! Three quarters of the way through the year and the end is in sight, so let your hair down a little – after studying of course. Catch up with family you potentially haven’t seen since Christmas, meet up with friends, go out, and relax. After all ‘all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’ -despite the fact you are all probably not called Jack, the sentiment can still be understood.

Work Hard; Play Harder and finish the year with a bang!


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