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The candidates are making their way into JCs and the atmosphere is building.

22:14 Louise Burt has been talking to both Liam Peoples candidate for VP Democracy and Communications and Bryn Wilkes candidate for Head of Media.

Peoples described himself as 'feeling nervous as the atmosphere is beginning to get quite tense.  I'm planning on celebrating by drinking so much that I end up throwing up.'

22:17 Bryn Wilkes – 'I'm not feeling too nervous and I plan to get smashed either way.  I am however worried about the outcome of the poll for the moustache.'

22:20 Dave Edwards candidate for RAG has spoken with Louise Burt and is particularly aware of the fact that he is running contested.

Dave Edwards – 'I am feeling quite nervous as I know it's going to be close between myself and Danni Hitchins (fellow RAG candidate), however I do plan to celebrate either way as my campaign team have put in so much effort over the last ten days and I don't want their efforts to go to waste.'

22:24 Our second Label reporter stationed in JCs James Safford has caught up with both Presidential candidates Rob Whittaker and Tommy Allen.

Rob Whittaker – 'I plan to celebrate by opening up a few bottles of bubbly if I win.'

Tommy Allen – 'It doesn't stop here, after the elections and if I win, I will continue to keep Loughborough smiling.'

22:29 The candidates are currently enjoying a champagne reception, jealous?

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22:31 Both Tom Traies, candidate for Head of Media, and Danni Hitchins spoke with Louise Burt, here's what they had to say:

Tom Traies – 'I'm not feeling too nervous about going up on stage and the results, but I am sad that it's coming to an end.  I'm looking forward to getting back on track with LSUTV.'

Danni Hitchins – 'I was so nervous beforehand, but I'm in a better place now.  I plan on celebrating with my team.'

22:41 JCs is filling out and the excitement is quickly mounting, James Safford talks to Steffan Lloyd, candidate for AU President, who although is enjoying himself admits that 'everything is so close that I can't even think about celebrating right now.'

22:45 Further candidates Natasha White, candidate for Welfare and Diversity, Josh Reynolds, final Media candidate and Dan Thomas, running uncontested for VP Finance and Commercial Services have talked with Louise Burt about how they're feeling:

Natasha White – I'm very very nervous, but whatever happens I'll celebrate with my campaign team as they've all put in so much hard work over the last ten days and I don't want that to go to waste.'

Josh Reynolds – 'I'm feeling nervous, stressed and excited.  I'll celebrate by drinking and then by sleeping.  However, I think that everyone deserves to celebrate as they've all run honest campaigns.'

Dan Thomas – 'Although I am nervous, I think I'm more nervous for other candidates who are running contested.  I'm honestly not thinking as far ahead as celebrations as I'm just enjoying the moment.'

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22:52 The second and final candidate for AU President Martha Riggs has spoke with James Safford and described the experience of Exec Elections as ' a once in a lifetime opportunity and that I'm excited to get up there and celebrate whatever way the results turn out.'

22:57 The final two candidates for VP Welfare and Diversity, George Bollands and Zoe Mumba have spoken with Louise Burt:

Zoe Mumba – 'The nerves haven't kicked in yet but they most definitely will when I'm up on stage.  I plan on spending the night celebrating in Room 1.'

George Bollands – 'I'm quite nervous, but exccited at the same time.  I can't wait to go on stage and I haven't thought far ahead about celebrating.'

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Room 1 is well and truly packed and with less than half an hour to go until the main event of the evening make sure you keep refreshing your screen to keep up to date with all the results!

Less than 5 minutes to go!!

Your next Action Chair is Phil Jenkins

The hotly contested AU President was battled out by Steffan Lloyd and Martha Riggs.  Your next AU President is Steffan Lloyd.

Head of Media was a very close one and it took three round to determine the outcome, but there is only one winner and that winner is Bryn Wilkes.

Rag Chair was between Dave Edwards and Danni Hitchins – Your next Rag Chair is Danni Hitchins.

Societies President goes to Sophie Farley. 

The uncontested position of VP Democracy and Communications went unsurprisingly to Liam Peoples.

Amy Ward has been elected VP Education.

Your next VP Financial Commercial Services is Dan Thomas.

VP Welfare and Diversity was the penultimate and hotly contested position – Natasha White.

The final and what could be said as the most anticipated result of the night is of course the position of Union President – Your next Union President is Rob Whitaker.

With all the excitement finally over we can now tell you that Bryn has decided, thanks to the poll he conducted, to keep his moustache!! So keep your eyes peeled for the tash around campus!

Liam Peoples is definitely enjoying his night and Danni Hitchins has no words.

Steffan Lloyd – 'All I can say is comiserations to Martha really.'


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