The results are in, your new Union Executive has been chosen. Hey Ewe filled up quickly and as the time drew closer and closer to 1am, the atmosphere in Room 1 grew more and more tense. Following some fancy lighting and pyro-technics, current VP Democracy and Communications Hannah Chrisp took to the stage.

First to be invited to the stage by Hannah Chrisp was the candidate for Action, Phil Jenkins was announced as your new Action Chair with 5,654 votes.

Second to be invited to the stage were your candidates for Athletic Union President, Martha Riggs and Steffan Lloyd. As one of the most contested positions this year, the results were expectedly very close. Martha received 2,614 votes and Steffan received 3,648. Steffan Lloyd is therefore your new Athletic Union President.

Hannah Chrisp then invited the three Head of Media candidates Tom Traies, Bryn Wilkes and Josh Reynolds. Arguably the most contested position out of them all, this was one outcome no one could predict. In the first round Josh received 1,983  votes, Tom received 1,502 votes and Bryn received 2,864. In the second round, Josh received 1,986 votes Tom received 1,540 votes and Bryn Wilkes received 2,877. Tom traies was therefore eliminated. In the third and final round, Josh received 2,376 and Bryn received 2,925 vote and has therefore been elected as your new Head of Media. Everyone at Label is looking forward to working with him next year!

Next up came the position of Rag Chair, candidates Danni Hitchins and Dave Edwards entered the stage. For this position, Danni Hitchins received 3,825 votes and Dave Edwards received 1,966 votes. Danni Hitchins was elected your new Rag Chair.

Societies Federation President, was next and candidates Sophie Farley and Chris Briggs took to the stage. Sophie received over 3700 votes and Chris received 1,548 votes. Therefore Sophie Farley was elected as your new Societies Federation President.

The second uncontested position of the night was up next, VP Democracy and Communications. Sole candidate Liam Peoples took to the stage. Liam Peoples received 5,118 votes. Liam Peoples has therefore been elected as your new VP Democracy and Communications.

The results for the third uncontested position were next to be announced. Soul candidate for VP Education, Amy Ward took to the stage. Amy received 5,306 votes to become your new VP Education.

VP Finance and Commercial Services candidate was invited to the stage next. Dan Thomas received 5,507 votes to become your new VP Finance and Commerical Services.

The penultimate position to be announced was also the most popularly contested position, VP Welfare and Diversity. The three candidates for this position were invited onto the stage, Natasha White, Zoe Mumba and George Bollands. In the first round, George received 1,924 votes, Natasha received 1,981 votes and Zoe received 1,676 votes. In the second round, George received 1,925 votes, Natasha received 1,987 votes and Zoe Mumba received 1,677 votes. Zoe Mumba was therefore eliminated. In the third round, George received 2,315 votes and Natasha received 2,502 votes. Natasha White has therefore become your new VP Welfare and Diversity.

Finally came the result for the biggest position on the Executive, Union President. Candidates for the position Rob Whitaker and Tommy Allen were invited to the stage. For Union President in the first round Rob received 3,314 votes and Tommy received 2,865 votes. Label can therefore announce that Rob Whitaker will be your Union President for 2014/2015.

And there we have it, the winners and the breakdown of the results of the Executive Elections 2014. In comparison to the normal Loughborough stereotype, the prevalence of seven girls claiming their place on the Executive is a massive step forward for the University, with one of the heaviest female student governments in the country. Label would like to congratulate all the candidates, both winners and losers for their efforts during the elections.

And that is that. The results of the Executive Elections 2014 have been announced and your new Union Executive has been chosen. Overall this year’s Elections have been the closest and most exciting elections for many years. Label would like to congratulate every both the winning candidates and the runners up for their hard work and amazing efforts over the last couple of weeks. 


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