Find it hard keeping food costs down? Read Label’s Student Living article this week on top tips for saving money when food shopping.

1.     Buy frozen

Things like fresh vegetables don’t come cheap. Always check the freezer section of your supermarket. Instead of buying, for example, one 80p red pepper, you will find a large bag of frozen mixed peppers for slightly more. This will save you both money and time as they are usually pre-washed as well as pre-chopped

2.     Explore alternatives

While traipsing around town to find the cheapest food is not ideal, it will save you money. Getting your basics such as eggs, bread and meat from Iceland rather than Sainsburys will save you a little bit every week

3.     Cheapest doesn’t always mean worst

When it comes down to it, unless for a special occasion, none of us need Tesco’s Finest or Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference. With most products, the cheapest option is usually adequate for our student meals.

4.     Seek out the reduced items

Always go to the reduced section first. Early evening is usually when this section is the fullest, you will be pleasantly surprised by the range of products and equally by the prices they have been reduced to

5.     Be wary of offers

Supermarket offers are often somewhat deceiving, leading you to spend money you weren’t planning on spending. Assess whether it is something you actually need, or whether it was simply something you were drawn to by the perceived money saving opportunity.

6.     Carb load

Unless you’re on the Atkins diet, Carbs are the way to go as they make up the cheapest possible meals. Buy a large bag of pasta and a large bag of rice. They are cheap, easy meals and will last you months.

Ella Stanbrook


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