Last week, Label interviewed David Haines before his elections campaign began. This is the second time that David has run in the Executive Elections, after campaigning to become VP: Welfare & Diversity last year. Now against Hannah Crisp for VP: Democracy & Communications, we asked him our Big Five Questions, and these were his responses:

  1. What are your main reasons for running for VP Democracy and Communications?

“I’ve been involved in the Democratic side of the Union since first getting here. I’ve always been interested in constitutions and democracy. I think the Union itself has a fundamentally flawed democracy, with regards to the actual amount of consultation it gives to students. We have a great number of opportunities to give to people, but despite having one of the largest sabbatical teams in the country, we don’t give them a big enough say on how things are operated. My main reason for running is to implement changes.”

  1. What do you think of the current VP Democracy and Communications, and is there anything you would plan to do differently if you were in that position next year?

“Ali has done a great job so far. His re-branding of trying to create a democracy-type brand is so good. At the end of this year, or starting soon, is a large re-branding process, and that will have a huge amount of student input, which will be useful. So, considering the amount of research we have just done, I don’t necessarily plan to do things different to Ali, but it’s more the job itself that will probably be quite different.”

  1. What is your one main manifesto point?

“To do a full systematic review of the Union and its structures, from the size of our sabbatical team to the way in which we conduct elections. Also, I want to focus on the organisational culture of the Union, and the ways in which people can get involved in it.”

  1. Why should students vote for you to be the next VP Democracy and Communications over anyone else in Loughborough?

“I believe I am the most experienced that a candidate can be for this position. In order for effective change to actually occur, you need to overhaul the entire governance procedures that exist, which I believe I have the experience to do.”

  1. In one sentence, can you sum up what you think the role of VP Democracy and Communications involves?

“To accurately portray the actions of the Executive and students within the Union and their activities, as well as to promote new opportunities and improve the democratic structures in which people can participate.”

All answers given are those of the candidates, recorded and transcribed word for word, and are not influenced by our writers.

David, is running as David 'Blaine' Haines in this year's Executive Elections. To read his opposition's answers to the five big questions click here



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