Last week, we caught up with Hannah Chrisp who is taking on David Haines in the battle to become your next VP: Democracy and Communications. The role which was uncontested last year is tipped to be a close race this time around. Although Chrisp’s experience leans more towards the communications aspect, her drive, personable manner and unflappability will serve her well during the campaigning period. Here are Hannah’s answers to Label’s big five questions.

  1. What are the main reasons behind you running for VP democracy and communications?

"For me the role of democracy and communications is all about letting students get involved with the running of the Union. I’ve been really involved with hall life, I’ve been on hall (Faraday) committee, AU club committee, but democracy is something I feel I missed out on. So my main aim is to promote the democracy in Union Council in a different way, so that more people can feel like they can get involved. Coming at it from a position on AU Exec, where I’m media and communications officer, I feel like I have the skills to be able to do that."

  1. What do you think of the current VP Democracy and Communications, Ali Cole, and is there anything you would plan to do differently if you were in that position next year?

"I think he’s done a really good job this year, especially with the changes to elections. I think that’s going to have a really big impact on the way the Executive are elected. I wouldn’t change anything, but looking at how he’s run it this year, any room for improvement and any little things that can be tweaked or perfected for next year will be worked on. Now the financial aspect of it has been eliminated by the cap, I’ll look at reasons why people didn’t run this year to make further improvements, for example if they were scared and find a way to bring down more barriers to open it up to even more people."

  1. What is your one main manifesto point?

"I feel that Union Council is a really influential part of the Union, which is underused and underappreciated. I want to get as many students involved as possible by promoting it in a different way, by looking at AU clubs and societies, not just through departments. I feel like it is just something that people don’t understand what it does until quite a late stage in their education, because it is just elected through their departments, and I want to make changes to the way that Union Council is marketed."

  1. Why should students vote for you to be the next VP: Democracy and Communications over anyone else in Loughborough?

"I think because I’ve sat on hall committee and AU committee I’ve been really involved with Loughborough over the course of my four years here, and I think that gives me a good insight into how a lot of people think and what they like and what they don’t like. I really do want to give people the chance to get involved in something I feel I missed out on."

  1. In one sentence, can you sum up what you think the role of Democracy and Communication involves.

"Democracy and communications involves the running of Union Council and the elections, as well as marketing the executive and representing the democratic voice of the Union."

All answers given are those of the candidate, recorded and transcribed word for word, and are not influence by our writers.

Hannah, is running as Hannah 'Power 2 U' Chrisp in this year's Executive Elections. To read her opposition David Hanies' response to the big five questions click here.



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