Ash ‘Ketchum’ O’Donnell spoke to Loughborough Campus Radio (LCR) on Monday about how she’s finding the elections process to date as well as outlining her plans for the week ahead.

The SocFed Presidential candidate, whose slogan is “make societies evolve”, gave LCR her thoughts on last week:

“I think it’s gone pretty well actually. I’ve spoke to a few people who’ve said that they recognise me from nights out or lecture shout outs or door knocking I think I’ve done a good job in getting my face out there.”

O’Donnell who has called for more “interaction between societies” and improved “communications between SocFed and University facilities” in her manifesto in Label magazine also spoke to LCR about the week ahead:

“I do definitely feel I need to do some more door knocking. Other than that I’m hoping to get a few Pokémon out and about, maybe a battle or two. I think it all depends on how things work out.”

Ash will be hoping things work out well, with Union Hustings on Tuesday evening before Media Hustings which take place on Sunday March 4.

Ash ‘Ketchum’ O’Donnell is part of a three way contest for SocFed President against Sophie ‘Reach for the Stars’ Sanders and Claud ‘Cosmic’ Williams.


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