Georgie ‘Colourful’ Court held a two hour Chlamydia screening stall in the EHB on Monday afternoon to promote safe sex and sexual awareness as part of her campaign to become the new VP Welfare and Diversity.

Court utilised various AU clubs to help her with the promotion telling Label:

“We’ve organised for lots of different groups to come down. We’ve got the rugby union boys coming down, we’ve got the rugby league guys coming down, we’ve got the Aces first team coming down and we’ve got some cheerleaders coming down all helping us to promote safe sex and sexual awareness.”

As part of the screening, Court was also handing out free condoms and free Red Bull to the first 50 people who completed the tests.

Of the free Red Bull, Court explained to Label:

“One of our friends is a Red Bull promoter on campus and so for events like this and for events that are helping general welfare or is the best interest of the public the students benefit and they do things like this, they give out Red Bull […] we just contacted them and asked if we could have a few cans and they said yeah that would be fine for giveaways.”

Court continued, “Yeah [it’s been well received]. I think the Red Bull and the free condoms are definitely helping to get things kicked off but people are generally fairly happy to do their Chlamydia screening and people seem to think it’s a good idea so I’m happy with it and I’m happy with how everything’s gone so far.”

Georgie ‘Colourful’ Court is running against Jack ‘Tintin’ Heskett and David ‘Pokemon’ Haines for the new position of VP Welfare and Diversity.


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