Label spoke to VP Welfare and Diversity candidate Jack ‘Tintin’ Heskett to gain a little more information on Heskett’s main manifesto points and his previous experiences.

Having been on the Executive for one year already Jack Heskett told Label what he feels has been his greatest success to date;

“One of my biggest successes has been mental health and the movement to reduce the stigma surrounding it”.

Heskett spoke passionately about the two most successful campaigns of the past year; the brand new ‘Heads Up’ group as well as ‘Better Decisions’ which he said thrived during fresher’s week and he hopes that more can be done with the campaign;

“Part of my manifesto is to put time, energy and effort into expanding it from just alcohol”.

He made his intention to involve the whole student body clear, given Loughborough University’s diverse campus; “we need to make sure this is reflected in the campaigns the Union offers”.

The current Welfare DO also talked about his concern for the welfare of Loughborough students and his plans for the coming year if elected.

“I’m looking forward to having the opportunity to focus on stuff that I’ve been dying to do over the past eight months, but haven’t had the time or money to do”

One of Heskett’s main concerns was the lack of funding in the Welfare and Diversity sector “the budget for welfare is extremely small” and these limitations he explained make it harder to strive for Loughborough’s current status of ‘Best Student Experience’.

 “Welfare is the very basic; when you come to Loughborough welfare is making sure you know where to turn to when you have a problem”.

Heskett aims to make sure that Welfare and Diversity funds go to the right places and that students get the most out of their Loughborough University experience.

 “I want to make sure that the money that the union does generate is put back into the students in an appropriate way”.

Georgina ‘Colourful’ Court and David ‘Pokemon’ Haines are also up against Jack Heskett in the fight for the position of VP Welfare and Diversity.


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