Michael ‘Luffman’ Munday running for VP: Democracy and Communication expressed his nerves and excitement ahead of tonight’s election reveal.

After a long 16 days of campaigning being painted yellow Munday told Label that he’s dreading the wait ahead of all the candidates in JC’s before they eventually find out who the Loughborough students have chosen to be their next union exec.

“It’s going to be awkward in there; none of us will know what’s going on. I just want to know the results now”.

As the campaigning draws to a close Luffman reflected upon his personal highlights; ‘It’s been a really good atmosphere, especially door knocking. It’s nice to talk to so many different people and listen to their views’.

Michael also emphasised the effort that his campaign team has put in on nights out, around campus and the support he’s had from them making his campaign so successful. ‘I’m lucky to have such good friends’.

In regards to his opponent Pete ‘Papa Smurf’ Childs, Michael remained firm on the fact the pair of them have and will remain friends after the election period and wishes him the best of luck for tonight.

Finally ‘Luffman’ told Label that life after the yellow paint and costume consists of serious library time to catch up on the dissertation which has taken a back seat for many of the candidates over the last 16 days.

 Find out the anticipated election results live on stage tonight in Room One or live on LSUTV.  


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