Lucy Padolsey ‘Power’ campaigning to become VP: Finance and Commercial services stressed her dismay as the candidate’s part ways tomorrow after becoming so close.

The ‘surreal’ campaigning experience has turned into a blur for the candidates over the last 16 intense days, especially ‘Power’ who reflected upon the night before campaigning begun and how quickly the end has come round.

‘It seems like an age ago but it was only two weeks, none of us really knew each other either and now we’re all so close’

Padolsey went on to say; ‘We’ve been living and breathing out of each other’s pockets and we’ve all gone through the same emotions. Of course you have your friends there but no-one else is going through what these guys have’.

Power was in good spirits as she joked about ringing Societies Federation Presidential candidate Jason Painter at 8am tomorrow morning to get up for election shout outs.

Padolsey claims she is ’ happy’ to see the end of the election period but feels a personal highlight for her campaign has been people recognising the work that her and her team have put in over the last 16 days. ‘I’ve met so many people and been to places I’ve never been after being here for four years, and it’s so nice when people have said they are now going to vote for me’.

Barely able to string a sentence together through nerves Lucy told Label ahead of tonight’s reveal;  ‘I’m petrified for tonight, I’ve tried my hardest for the last couple of weeks, fingers crossed.

 Lucy Padolsey is up against Ian Jakings for the hotly contested VP: Finance and Commercial Services role. The new union exec will be revealed tonight live on LSUTV and at Hey Ewe in Room one.  


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