AU Presidential Candidate Adam ‘Rocky’ Rae has told Label he will be ‘relieved’ come 5pm as he knows there is nothing else the candidates can do.

‘I’m quite excited for the results show along with all the other candidates, but come 5 o’clock it’ll be nice just to relax and wait for the results’.

Rae has spent the day along with many other candidates making his presence known at Loughborough College, which has been a plagued with uninformed voters who have balloted for sweet incentives.

‘The way I look at it is there’s more people voting and that’s massive opportunity to win votes here. Hopefully if I make my presence known here and get to know people I’ll gain more votes’.

Current IMS committee member Adam highlighted his ‘Rocky Run’ across campus as one of his favourite moments of the campaign and also the huge amount of help and support he’s had from his campaign team in his hall Faraday. ‘It’s quite a small thing but on Sunday night, there was myself and 10 Faraday people we spent the night blowing up balloons and spread them around campus at 5.30am on the Monday morning.’

‘Rocky’ Rae went on to express the support the campaigners have received in Loughborough is nothing like you would find in any other University and it’s been so nice to see everyone supporting each other.

 Adam ‘Rocky’ Rae is set to find out his and his fellow AU presidential opponents Jasmine ‘Be the Best’ Scott and Stuart ‘Superman’ Searle fate tonight live on stage in Room one or Live on LSUTV.  


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