Pete 'Papa Smurf' Childs is promising a big flash mob at the end of the week, after admitting that things are a bit quiet at the moment.

Whilst at Hey Ewe earlier, the candidate for VP: Democracy & Communications caught up with Label reporter, Andrew Lawton.

"It's going really well [here at Hey Ewe]. I've got my smurfs out, I've got my cardboard cutouts and everyone's reacting really well!"

Childs decided to move inside from the wet and windy queue, along with some of the other candidates.  He stated that this seemed to be working well

"We're hitting the doors here, so we're getting as many people as we can. It's more of an impact too as we're not all together."

Asked about his plans for the final week of campaigning, he responded by stating: "I've got a big flash mob coming this Friday, but it's all a bit quiet at the moment."

Childs is up against Michael 'Luffman' Munday in his quest to succeed Jimbo Cownley as one of the Union's three Vice Presidents.


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