Label's Lauren Brennan, Sophie Virtue, Jago Pearson, Ed White, Francis Kelly and Andrew Lawton take you through all the debate from all the positions from Union Hustings.

2249: So that's it, all candidates have now done their speeches. Remember that voting starts on Monday-Wednesday, and results will revealed at Wednesdays Hey Yew next week.

2247: Bridger wants to make sure sudents are made aware of how to get in touch with their Union President from the word go, perhaps even before they arrive at Loughborough.

2247: The next question from the floor is about how one role of Union President is to ensure you are avaliable for questions from students, he asks how the candidates would improve on this.

Siddeeque considers how freshers week is a great time to inform students of this, stating she wants to be everywhere on campus! She wants to talk to students about their views on the executive, what they think can be improved on. She also says she wants to use forums such as 'Our Loughborough' to ensure students are aware of her avaliablity.

2239: On election experience, Bridger states how being directly ivolved in the elections process differs from previously observing.

Siddeeque adds that the process has been "one of the best experiences I have had in my 2 years at university" and has had an absolutely inredible time.

2239: A question from the floor about NUS involvement, Bridger considers how the NUS add a supporters net to uni and dubs the organisation a 'saftey blanket.' She states how university can benefit from the NUS, suggesting the the two should become more involved. 

2234: Rebecca adds that she would ensure close relationship with the Media Centre, and by striking a balance between what is too much information provided to students.

2234: Ben Croucher asks candidates how would they deal with sensitive issues such as those surrounding the controversy of the Exec elections and the media centre.

Taz replies by suggesting that she would send out a message to students reassuring that the issue is being dealt with, as well as consideringhow facebook and email can be an efficient way to talk to students.

2224: Bridger responds by adding that she would create a system in which the Exec committee act in same manner as the hall committees do, so that they appear more approachable to all students and queries can be answered directly, regarding tuitions fees as well as any other issues.

2222: Current president, Lucy Hopkins, calls them two excellent candidates and asks them what issues they think currently affect Loughborough students. Siddeeque answers that keeping accomodation costs low is currently a very important student issue.

2218: Massive cheer for next candidate Rebecca Bridger. She puts an emphasis on her aim to listen to the students views and options.

2218: First candidate for president, Taz Siddeeque, She wants to change the loughborough experience and make sure every student get the best from their financial investment and make sure all srudents know who is supporting them on the executive committee.

2215: Mass exodus of Room 1 as the Union President position starts.

2214: Next up, the big one, it's the Union President candidates!


2214: What experience have you got of AU sport?
Searle's experience is mainly with the tennis club.
Rae plays rugby and has been to Australia seeing what talent is out there on his gap year.
Scott has done fencing with the uni for two years as well as county hockey.

2212: Questions from the floor. What are the options for those who just want a kick about?
Scott – IMS is not the recreational activity it once was. Scott wants better utilisation of space (e.g. car parks in the evening?!) on campus.
Searle – it's important to invole all students, we do have the space, Searle looking to give the SDC more money to get more time and cheaper facilities.
Rae – encourage recreational sections of AU clubs, such as basketball have done recently.

2211: Stuart asks Jasmine how she would ensure Loughboroughs different clubs have the best fresher trial system, in which she reponds that it is not particularly an issue but a fairer system needs to be put in place, for example through increased publiscised publications.
To adam on his ambition to continue domination, how?
Adam responds by suggesting training sessions throughout the year as well as presentations on leadership may encourage this, as well as getting as many people as possible particpating in BUCS.

Adam to stuart on the recruitment of players – Stuart would use his experience in overseas recruitments systems, as well as making the most of the qualifdied coaches we have.
To jasmine – who will you prioritise in the issue of training times – she argues that it is essential for coordination between boards and will attempt to satisfy needs across all clubs.

Jasmine to Adam on coverage of sports – He adds that he wants all sports publicised and not just BUCS.
And finally, to Stuart – how would you go about impmenting your idea on getting big events played at Loughborough, to which he responds by suggesting using summer weather and facilities to go about this.

2206: The candidates now have the opportunity to question each other.

2159: Paterson's next question is about socials, tours, away fans and initiations… should bans be put in place?
Rae wants tours and to reinforce drinking rules within clubs.
Scott thinks a ban would detract from the Loughborough experience.
Searle believes the friends from socials are invaluable to the Loughborough experience and will look into training for committees but doesn't want tours banned.

2156: Current AU president, Ewan Paterson wants to know what can be improved on in the AU…
Searle wants to look into the AU finances, looking at the SDC, AU, IMS and Sport Science departments all working together.
Rae wants to increase opportunities for recreation
Scott agrees with Searle and Rae, but wants the AU clubs to be involved with the running of IMS

2153: No speech from Searle while Rae and Scott both are both cut off due to the 3 minute limit on speeches

2152: Next up is Jasmine Scott who has the slogan 'Be the Best', and aims to ensure that every student strives for excellence through sport.

2151: Rae wants more publicity for Loughborough Sport as well as highlighting healthy living and ensuring a Olympic legacy. Rae aiming to take us forward onto bigger and better… *3 minute limit reached*

2149: Big woop for the AU candidates. No speech from Stu Seale as he missed the candidates meeting. Adam Rae is straight into the limelight.

2148: Questions from the floor: how would you ensure that societies follow through with promises made at the Freshers Bazaar?

Russell suggests that she would be shocked if this was to take place, as most societies are based on an honesty policy, so misleading promises by societies should be reported, as well as taking note of what societies are offereing.
Lee agrees with the idea of keeping note on what societies are offereing, and investigating why these have false promises been put forward.
Painter concludes that he would create a forum in order to avoid any misleading promises.

2141: Russell looking to get more people involved, nights alongside the societies night, Stupid Tuesday, which wouldn't be as alcohol/drinking based.

2140: Painter clarifies that some societies would be doubled up in their promotion weeks but believes the scheme can go beyond just the next year.

2139: Russell responses to Adams question by stating she wants to get more freshers dragged to the societies showcase as early as possible.

2137: Russell quizzes Painter on what special events he has planned. Painter wants to use the Shakespeare society for a big performance using all the available facilities.

2136: Katie Halliday, current Soc Federation President , quizzes the candidates on what their number one priority will be if elected, and how they will implement this.
Rusell suggests that through efficient time management she can be successful, by prioritisng events and societies.
Lee added that through increased promotion, the societies federation can grow.
Finally Painter claims that the involvement of students is essential, enthasising the main aspect of his manfesto.

2131: Our 3rd Soc Fed President candidate, Katie Russell wants societies to cater to you and wants to represent the societies in the battle for suitable facilities and space on campus especially with the looming 2012 Olympics.

2128: Adams wants better records from societies to submit to the NUS as well as using the media centre to advertise societies through Label magazine.

2126: Lee Adams enters the stage to Kung Fu Fighting

2126: Painter's planning more publicity in dining halls and giving societies individual weeks to promote themselves to increase involvement and recruitment.

2124: Soc Federation Presidents are up next, here's Jason Painter

2123: What are your main policies is the question from the floor.
Jakings wants to promote his clubcard idea to give more benefits to those who regularly attend the union. Lucy's main point is working closely with the Hall Student Federation (HSF) to diversify the nights out at the union which she believes can all feel very similar.

2122: Lucy asks Ian how money can be better spent, with him replying that an extension to the queue awning outside the Union would be beneficial to students when raining, as well ans the introduction of hair straighteners in the girls toilets. This creates a slight debate on the actual benefits of this proposal. Ian reposnds by asking Lucy how she would tackle the issue of queuing to get into the Union, as she replies she would talk to students and conduct surveys to see what improvements could be made. She also suggest a varied entracnce initiative.

2112: Current VP Finance Richard Smith questions the justification for running a night club against the better decisions campaign. Lucy wants to look at getting big acts into the union, Jenkins pushing student responsibility.

2108: Ian Jakings is looking to reward those who attend the regular union-goers with Q jumps etc and getting the most from your tuition fees. Jakings wants a sensible and attainable budget for the union.

2106: Lucy Padolsey looking to regulate the cash points and increase the access to money on campus after the issues during semester 1. Your money, your power is her underlining message

2103: VP Finance & Commercial Services are first up after the break

2058: Just a quick reminder, LCR are speaking to all the candidates as they come off stage so listen out for their bulletin later. Should be plenty of Label Online coverage as well so keep your eyes peeled.

2045: A break now, time to digest what we have learnt so far. Action is due to return at 2100…

2044: The floor demanding a "Unique selling point" from the Media candidates. Lloyd wants to listen to everyone who enters the Media Centre, Davis reinforces her try before you buy scheme.

2041: Question from floor about possible budget cuts. Davis would consider cutting label length and possibly printing quality. Lloyd would consider reducing the number of label editions as well as increasing membership fees to balance the books.

2035: Question from the floor, about how the candidates would increase plublicity and readership, Anie wants to bring LCR to dining halls.

2031: Croucher then questions what the candidates plan to do with Label, the student magazine if elected, Annie wants to keep up the new development of label online, and look at how the format could be changed.

2030: Current Head of Media,Ben Croucher, questions the candidates on aura studios, Anie wants to exand the volunteer body and train volunteers in other areas of media to work in aura studios as well.

2028: Concludes by saying he "wants to transform the face of Lufbra Media".

2027: Lloyd takes the floor and calls for three new sections and of course three new positions within the Media Centre – Head of News, Head of Sport & Head of Campus Life. He says this will help especially when covering the Olympics.

2024: First candidate for Head of Media, Annie Davis, takes the stage, she wants to involve halls with media and cover events such as hall election and IMS matches.

2021: Head of Media Ben Croucher asks the candidates how they would improve the Exec Committees profile, so students know who they are.
Childs responds by stating he would promote the Exec positions during Freshers Week, as well as video blogs and the website being more publicised.
Munday responds by adding he would start the promotion from day one, with the Execs going out properly and introducing themselves to students.

2018: Michael starts the questioning of his follow candidate. How will the changes be made to the Union Council? Childs replies with the lack of representation of the departments and needing to provide more for them.
Childs asks how to make Union Council more accountable? Munday believes the facilities should be used around campus to advertise what's going on in Council.

2015: Cownley enquires about weekly emails and what the candidates would change in the process. Munday replies with his ideas of having more targetted emails for students, which only contain relevant information to indivduals. Childs responds with his suggestions of a smartphone app which could be an alternate way of students receiving information.

2011: Current VP Democracy and Communications Jimbo Cownley poses questions to both candidates.

2011: Michael Munday up next for VP Democracy and Communications, the first contested position of the night. He tells the Room 1 audience that student emails will be tailored for their own needs.

2007: VP Democracy and Communications cabdidate Pete 'Pap Smurf' Childs enters the stage.He wants to raise awareness of all sections and let people know who and where to go to for any advice or help.

2005: Manifesto time. Firstly, accessible drop-in's whereby a structured weekly session will be available. On the issue of Programme Reps, Savage would ideally like a better form of communication between all and utilise social media.

2002: Savage aims to raise the profile of the Exec comittee, as well as addressing the current issue of the up coming rise in tuition fees.

2001: Jayde Savage VP Education candidate comes down to the Room 1 stage, announcing she emobdies everything Loughborough.

1959: Sarah concludes by expressing a desire to improve links with past students who were RAG members.

1957: Musgrave responds by saying that she would consult with the RAG finance committee and the VP Finance & Commercial Services to establish the best way forward. The next question relates to Musgrave's manifesto pledge of adding to RAG's presence in Freshers Fortnight – she says that she would like to see something at the Union in the evening whereby students can get involved.

1955: Once again, this is another uncontested position. Current Chair Maddie Buckley commences her questioning and enquires as to how she would address RAG finance, especially travel expenditure which isn't all covered by the current 10% band of total funds raised.

1955: Once again, this is another uncontested position. Current Chair Maddie Buckley commences her questioning and enquires as to how she would address RAG finance, especially travel expenditure which isn't all covered by the current 10% band of total funds raised.

1951: RAG Chair candidate Sarah Musgrave now takes to the stage. Talks of big campus events, increasing participation and listening to students' ideas within her opening speech. She states that she wants to maintain Loughborough as one of the best student RAG organisations in the country.

1948: The first question from Thomas Wagg of the night. He asks how Cox will improve on certain things Adam has started this year, the candidate is clear that he wants to get a greater involvement with other sections. He wants to work close with the media so people will realise that Action is much more than just litter picking.

1945: To expand the presence of Action and what the section does, Cox wants to have a greater online presence. He wants to make sure as many people come down to Pick a Project as much as possible. Adam Lucas Petitt asks how he will make sure Action can get more recognised in the community. Cox wants to get Politicians to notice the work of Action in the same vein as they do for RAG, this would be by contacting Nicky Morgan MP.

1942: David Cox, sole candidate for the Action Chair position is now up to do his two minute speech. He shows off his love for the section by saying he has put the most hours into action this year. He also recites a personal story that recieves a good reception from the audience.

1940: Sam Hampson concludes the questioning by saying "i'm very happy with those answers!" This is followed by one question from the floor regarding the funding of welfare training for the DO, if elected and Jack says that he would love that to happen for the whole Exec, not just the Welfare DO.

1937: Jack expands on his manifesto by saying he will look to forge links with organisations such as Beat Bullying.

1935: Current Welfare DO, Sam Hampson asks Jack how high his profile should/will be. He responds with a pledge to "get out there and promote welfare."

1932: Welfare DO candidate, Jack Heskett up next. Comes on to TinTin music and rapturous applause.

1931: If you have any questions for the candidates throughout the night you can post them on Twitter using the hashtag #lsuelections


1926: He is extremely keen to get across how he would want to deal with the media. In every answer, Dr Green has mentioned the link with the media so far. Amy James says thinks the principals of his manifesto are extremely good, yet her concerns are with how he will implement the changes he wishes. Maslovs replies by saying he will try and read every email he recieves. He mentions his work with the 10by10 sceheme which aims to cut the environmental waste by 10% each year and aims to implement this.

1926: Igor wants to improve awareness of E&E through the media.

1925: Amy James, the current E&E officer sits down to question Igor. She asks how Loughborough, in the current economic climate, can continue to win green awards on a regular basis.

1924: First up, Igor Maslovs, candidate for the position E&E Development Officer, takes to the stage. His aim is to work with Imago and help make the university more environmentally friendly

1921: And we are under way with a big "Hello Guys" from current VP Democracy and Communications, Jimbo Cownley.

1908: All the candidates look prepared early on with a lot of white sheets of paper to hand. The nerves have perhaps got the better of one candidate, as Stu Searle, aiming to be the new AU President, falls up the Room One stage stairs.

1904: The Union Hustings is the more formal of the Hustings proceedings where candidates are to dress smartly, give a two minute speech and answer questions from the current member of the Union Executive. Following this the candidates will answer questions given from the floor and answer them to the best of their abilities. Follow Label's updates as well as LSUTV's stream throughout the night.

1825: Welcome to Label Online Live Updates from Union Hustings!


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