‘Bruce’ Lee Adam, one of three candidates for Societies Federation President, is in determined mood with just one week left of the campaign trail.

A stressful time for all candidates, juggling the physical and mental stresses of campaigning, Adams told LCR that there were a multitude of difficulties to overcome in order to campaign effectively.

Speaking outside the final Hey Ewe of the campaigning period, Adams spoke of his disappointment at the number of students and the fact that he couldn’t stay out campaigning for too long.

“Unfortunately I have a 9am lecture in the morning so I will not be going in tonight.”

Adams remained defiantly upbeat however, determined to force through a final big stunt following on from a day of busking outside EHB on Tuesday.

“We have one last event in the planning stages right now. We’re just trying to work out a few difficulties but hopefully it should be a really good one.”

As with all candidates at this time, he remained secretive on the plans: “Details to be announced later,” he said.

The following day and after his 9am lecture, Adams proclaimed his confidence that the 'Bruce Lee' campaign trail around campus is going well.

He said: “it’s going very well. I’ve been doing some door knocking at Cayley. There is various support for me out there.”

The current SocFed Committee Secretary claims that his membership of various societies around campus has provided him with an insight into how the university works and what the students want.

Adams added: “I have been part of a number of societies for many years, including student cinema and the flying club.”

‘Bruce’ Lee Adams is running against Katie ‘Wonderland Russell and Jason Painter for the position of Societies Federation President.


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