Igors Maslovs is one of the most loved characters of the 19 candidates running for the LSU Executive, with his quirky humour, amazing cookies and unbridalled passion for the position. Label reporter Sam Rodgers caught up with Igors in the Union to see how he was finding the campaigning…

Label: So how is the campaign going so far?

Igors: The campaign is going very well. I’m really enjoying the process. I’m trying to look at others and learn something from them. Hopefully I will really learn a lot. 

Label: So if you get elected, what do you think will make you good at your job?

Igors: I think as a business student, I will work on the information I have right now and trying to put it into a form that everyone can understand. I would like to improve the connection with the media.

Label: What do you think of the other candidates?

Igors: I’m quite amazed by them. I've helped Jason Painter out a bit. I know they’re not first year students and that they know how everything works so I'm learning.

Label: So who has your vote?

Igor: I’m not going to say right now.

Label: Are you friends with any of the candidates?

Igors: I know Taz, but that’s all. The other contestants are really friendly and easy to talk to. I’m trying to combine my studies with campaigning so I haven’t been out much. I plan to go to International Thursday and explain things to the International students.

Label: What do you want to say to the students of Loughborough?

Igors: Please show your support for me. I will work hard. I love Loughborough. What makes Loughborough different is that it’s a university with a heart and I would really like to be part of it.

Igors Maslovs is running uncontested for the position of Ethical and Environmental Development Officer, one of five volunteer positions on the LSU Executive Committee.


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