Whilst most of the candidates are storming the campus tirelessly to try and win the votes of Loughborough Students, one has broken free from the campaign trail to prove his dedication to his position.

David 'Private' Cox, running for Action Chair, found time on Wednesday to see off a group of 20 volunteers to a local school for disabled children for a project he has helped organise.

"It's fantastic. They did some sign language training, learning new skills which will benefit themselves and the school so they can communicate with the children."

Cox, who lost his claim to having completed the most volunteer hours in Action this year during the Elections period, was still in fine spirits as the campaign entered its final week.

"It's going really well. With the shout outs, we hoping to do some miltary marches into dining halls rather than just standing at the front.

"It's going really well. I'm really enjoying it and everyone's enjoying themselves on the campaign teams as well."

Cox is uncontested for the position of Action Chair, the second time in four years that the position has had only one candidate running.


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