AU President Candidate Stu “Superman” Searle told LCR earlier this week that he was thankful to the warm reception given to him by the students of Loughborough.

The start of the second full week of campaigning sees candidates permitted to attack lecture theatres and dining halls as well as continuing to door knock the halls on campus.

Searle said it’s a busy time for the candidates.

“I woke up nice and early and went over to the lecture theatres with a lot of the other candidates at EHB and James France. That was a bit of a mad rush.

“[There was] generally quite a good reception in those lectures.”

The tactics between hitting the big lectures and meeting people on an individual basis as a tricky balancing act but Searle told LCR how he went down well in Bill Mo.

“Just chatting to a few people outside Bill Mo. I seem to be getting a nice reception.”

 Searle is running against Adam ‘Rocky’ Rae and Jasmine ‘Be the Best’ Scott for the position of Athletic Union President 


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