With the second week of campaigning in the Exec Elections 2011 in full swing, the tactics and technique of shout outs are places firmly under the spotlight.

VP Finance and Commercial Services candidate Ian Jakings revealed to LCR reporter Claire Levy that his unique Monday morning plans had paid off.

“I headed down to engineering and got a couple of big lectures down there. I was the only one down that end of campus for quite a while.

“It meant my message wasn’t very diluted.”

However, not content with satisfying the Wolfson student, Jakings has targeted dining halls and lecture theatres around EHB and James France and has learned to adapt his style depending on the environment.

“I’ve done a few dining hall shout outs and they’re a bit more difficult than the lecture shout outs because you have to shout a lot louder.”

Societies Federation President candidate ‘Bruce’ Lee Adams commented on the difference now he’s the one under scrutiny.

“It’s different to seeing the lecture shout outs to being at the front and actually doing them.

 “Also, the amount of running you need to do to get from one to the next is quite interesting!” 


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