Otavio Schaitza: Label Manifesto Critique


Otavio’s manifesto is a very, very strong manifesto, and perhaps some of the candidates we saw in the main Exec Elections period will do some reflecting on their own manifestos when they see this. He has presented his key aims for reform, such as the establishment of a Welcome Week and the advertisement of library and Graduate House’s offerings, giving us just enough information to believe in what he’s saying, but leaving himself room for a variety of ideas to make it to the final, tight word count.

Critically, we might argue that the profiling of students needs some more detail, and perhaps this is something Otavio will cover more in their Bubble Debate. Understanding students is of course no bad thing, but making sure he gets a representative sample for this profiling could be tricky, as students are notoriously hard to pin down (postgrad or otherwise).

It could also be argued that, while the Loughborough in London campus is important, the attention Union sections are sometimes expected to warrant this Loughborough off-shoot can take away from the work they are doing here, where most students are. Undergraduates might just have something to say about the idea that the EOs etc. spend more time there…

Finally, as a postgrad myself, I am pleased to see that Otavio has not shied away from the performance related issues some faculties have. Clear expectations of study are not always made clear in good time, and this candidates promise that the issue will be solved will certainly be please many!


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