Ore clearly feels she has a lot to bring to the role of Postgrad EO, having experienced a number of academic environments and what they have to offer. Her passion certainly comes through in the manifesto, and she seems to be keen to offer a voice for change to the Executive team.

However, while Ore has clearly done her research and found weaknesses in the postgraduate contingent of Loughborough University, she has failed to put forward any strong solutions to these problems.

It is well-known that postgraduates are less likely to engage with sports and social events than undergraduates, but what a strong candidate needs to offer is a way forward. Perhaps the candidate will offer up this way forward in her Bubble Debate.

She also presents the idea of encouraging more postgraduate students to study abroad, but with the postgraduate landscape of Loughborough University having changed so rapidly in recent years, and issues of student engagement still affecting those engaged in postgraduate study, I would suggest she needs to focus her attentions on keeping those at Loughborough happy at Loughborough (or in London) for the time being.

It will be interesting to see Ore’s performance in the Bubble Debate, where she needs some of her “determination” and “desire to improve the experience for postgrads” to shine through in the form of more thoroughly fleshed-out ideas in order to prove herself a true candidate in this race.


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