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Student living can be expensive, so why not find as many ways to save money as possible?  Here are a few cards that you can get that will help you with keeping to your student budget.

1.         Love Loughborough – The discount card made specifically for Loughborough.  Be it from eating out to getting your hair cut, this loyalty card can get you some decent discounts.  Some popular student places to look out for that offer substantial discounts are: Croma Pizzeria, Obsidian Café, Shaake and Subways.  For more information –

2.         Smash Card  – If you haven’t already got one of these then what are you waiting for?  It can get you free entry to both Revs and Echoes before midnight on selected nights.  On top of that you can get up to 20% discounted travel with ADT, making a night out seem less and less expensive!  Lastly, you can also get 50% of any order with Pizza Hut… what more could you want from a card?  For more information check out –

3.         Revs Card – Although Revs is not an exclusive to Loughborough, they still do a brilliant privilege card.  Getting you 25% off anytime on selected drinks and food!  You can pick up a card from your local Revs and it will only cost you £4, so you will soon make your money back!  For more information –

4.         Varsity Card – Costing a very cheap £1 this little card will get you some cracking discounts on a Monday, with 50% off food.  On top of this there are also selected drinks offers!  Pop into town and pick up a card asap!!

These are some of the best discount cards that Loughborough boasts, but don’t forget to simply get a hold of either a Nectar or Tesco Clubcard as these will come in very handy.  Also, keep your eyes peeled for any other discount or points cards as most shops now do them in some form or other and they could end up saving you a pretty penny!

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