Volunteer writer, Leah Langley, writes a poem based on the theme ‘the outdoors’.


I Remember

I remember the sun,

When I was three.

I was playing having fun,

And made friends with a bee.


I remember the rain,

When I was four.

It ran to the drain,

Leaving puddles on the floor.


I remember the wind,

When I was five.

In its presence, I grinned,

I felt so alive.


I remember the snow,

When I was six.

The winter winds blow,

Hit me like bricks.


I remember the thunder,

When I was seven.

It filled my mind with wonder,

As it rumbled from heaven.


I remember the lightening,

When I was eight.

It wasn’t too frightening,

Its display was great.


I remember the weather,

From almost all my life.

I love how it binds together,

And brings new wildlife.

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