Taylor Swift has released three albums in less than a year, bringing her huge success in the charts, along with a new record. Leah Langley provides an insight of this album record, as well as the albums that contributed to this feat.

Taylor Swift has broken a 54-year-old record, held by The Beatles, after having three number one albums in the quickest time. The original record stood at 364 days, but Swift broke it by 105 days after completing the run in just 259 days.

This record is just one of the many history-making moments that the pop star is having this year, as she also just became the first female artist to win ‘Album of the Year’ three times at the Grammys. The three albums that helped break the record are ‘Folklore’, ‘Evermore’ and ‘Fearless (Taylor’s Version)’. ‘Folklore’ reached number one on July 31st 2020, followed by ‘Evermore’ on December 18th 2020, and ‘Fearless (Taylor’s Version)’ on April 16th 2021. The star can now boast 7 number one albums in the UK, but the latest (‘Fearless (Taylor’s Version)’) carries a lot of significance behind it. The album is a re-recording of one of her earlier albums and is a ‘new’ version of an old album. The process of re-recording old material comes as part of an attempt to recover control over her music after the high-profile debate that has ensured between herself, her former record label, and Scooter Braun. Braun sold the rights to Swift’s first six albums for over $300 million and essentially profited off of the records without any say from Swift. By re-recording the material from the 6 albums, the value of the investment seriously declines.

The first in the trio of the record-breaking albums, ‘Folklore’, saw Swift connect with her indie side and was released out of nowhere. Created with the help of ‘The National’s’ Aaron Dessner, the songs are different to those that have become expected of the star and were a pleasant surprise for listeners. One of Swift’s biggest strengths lies in her storytelling which is ever apparent across the whole album. Although slightly different to what was maybe anticipated, this album allowed for listeners to hear a different side to the star, and in my opinion, it is one of the greatest albums that she has ever released.

‘Evermore’ came after Swift and Dessner could not stop writing and decided to continue creating art together. The album was the nearest resemblance to a form of country music that had been written by the star in yeas, but it was accompanied by some catchy pop music too. This album is one that shows the diversity that Swift has to offer, whilst also telling more great stories. It serves as a reminder of the different sides that she has to offer, and also transcends fans back to earlier records that carried the same country vibe.

The most recent, ‘Fearless (Taylor’s Version)’, saw the reintroduction of some of the most iconic tracks that Swift has created. The classics reminded me of where Swift started, and you couldn’t help but route for her in her bid to regain the control of her artistry that she deserves. There was something quite haunting about hearing the teenage songs being sung by a more mature Swift, and the strengthened voice really brought home how much growth she had undergone as a person and as an artist.

As her journey to reclaim her work, and with more music set to be released soon, there is no doubt more achievements to follow for Swift.


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