I like Marvel. I enjoy the movies. Though I’ll be honest, I’ve never read the comics, or watched the shorts, and actually haven’t watched all of the movies… so sometimes the storylines take me a second to get my head around if they don’t come with context.

Remember when people got excited that Nick Fury pressed his Captain Marvel button at the end of Avengers: Infinity War? I didn’t get that, because the Captain Marvel film hadn’t come out.

Admittedly, I like knowing the little things. I enjoy easter eggs and understanding the inside jokes. If I don’t get something, I get bored or frustrated pretty quickly.

With that in mind, for the first few episodes of WandaVision I really, really wasn’t enjoying it because I was so. Confused. Why is the picture frame smaller? Why is it black and white? Why are they pretending it’s the 50s? Now the 60s? What?? Why??

Once we learn about the Hex, it gave me some context. But I was sure Vision was definitely dead… but he’s alive now? And how is Wanda making a town? Is it a real town? Is it a different reality? Does Monica Rambeau have superpowers now? What is SWORD? Wasn’t it SHIELD? And wait…

Is that an X-Man?

It got better though, and I’m glad I persevered as now I would absolutely recommend it to people (who like Marvel). I learnt more about Wanda AKA The Scarlet Witch, and Katheryn Hahn as Agatha Harkness was great (totally had no idea who she was for half the time. Is she good? Bad? Trying to save the world or control the world? Honestly, I’m still not 100%).

I include people who like Marvel as I personally don’t think WandaVision works well as a standalone series. I have been disputed on this, though, by none other than my walking-Marvel-Google Rahul Mathasing, who suggests there are plenty of things for fan-service (like Darcy’s character progression), but it also works if people haven’t religiously watched Marvel before.

If you’ve only ever seen Infinity War and Endgame, in my humble opinion, WandaVision won’t make much sense. You need to go back to Age of Ultron for Wanda and Vision’s story arc, and maybe include Captain Marvel to know who Monica is, and maybe Thor for Darcy? Ant-Man for Jimmy?

Am I making my point?

This could be because I like knowing the little things and try to grasp the meta picture, though. If you’re happy to not get a few things or google characters that seem to be significant, I do recommend giving WandaVision a go.

It may be better if you just binge it, having to wait a week to have a million questions answered was cruel. Though I’m putting myself through the same again for the Falcon and the Winter Soldier, so I only have myself to blame.

Give WandaVision a go if you haven’t already. It is really good, but also pretty confusing for most of the time. It’s definitely not something someone else can rate for you, so, in the least roundabout way: try it! But I won’t cry if you don’t.

Written by Amie Woodyatt

Edited by Sophie Alexander – Entertainment Editor

Header Image by Christos Alamaniotis – Head of Design


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