There are tonnes of ways to get involved at Loughborough University. Whether that be through the many societies on offer, media, sports and fundraising work – here are just some of the things on offer.


Action is the volunteering section here at LSU. There are many ways to get involved in Action however, the main aim is to help give you the opportunity to benefit the local as well as the wider community. Within Action, there are seven different areas to get involved in. Those are: community outreach, sport, international, overseas, young persons, equality and diversity, a-teams (hall led projects) and department-led projects. With weekly projects for the local community as well as over 45 individual projects to get involved in, you are never short of opportunities! To get involved in Action at LSU, contact your hall Action Rep or contact the Action office in the Students’ Union.

Athletic Union (AU)

The Athletic Union (AU) here at LSU is the section which offers sporting opportunities to Loughborough students. The AU represents not only members of Loughborough University but, Loughborough College too. The main aim and focus of AU is to run and promote any sport-based activities amongst members of the Students’ Union as well as providing support and guidance to the 58 clubs within the Athletic Union. With 58 clubs, there is a wide variety of sports to get involved in. American football, archery, cheerleading and even Gaelic football are just some of the sporting clubs on offer.


Enterprise at LSU is all about bringing your own ideas to life. Whilst a very much business orientated section, do not be intimidated by the thought of wearing a suit in a board room – it is much more about utilising your own skills alongside your resilience to overcome any obstacles you may be facing. The main aim of Enterprise is to “inspire students to recognise their potential and to see how other people in similar situations to your own have started projects and businesses.” Over the past year, 71 people came in for 1-2-1 business advice as well as having engagement with 1305 students via The Hub at LSU. If you have an idea but, are not too sure where to go next – get in touch with Enterprise.


Since 2008, Rag has raised over £1 million every year for a number of charities – local, national and international. If you are wanting to get involved with a wide range of fundraising projects, then Rag is for you. There is a whole host of opportunities at Rag – whether you want to work with elephants, climb Kilimanjaro or even travel across the Arctic circle via a dog-sledge then get involved with Rag! And even better, there is no membership needed for this incredibly rewarding section. If Rag sounds like the section for you, speak to your Hall or Department Rag Reps for more information. Be to sure to also attend the virtual ‘Choose Your Charity Challenge’ evening on Monday 19th October to see all the challenge opportunities available.

Welfare & Diversity

Welfare & Diversity focusses on the mental health and wellbeing of all students here at Loughborough as well as supporting diverse and underrepresented student groups – whether you are an LGBT+ student, disabled student or an international student – the Welfare & Diversity section here at LSU is here to support you. There are nine associations within Welfare & Diversity: Consent and Sexual Health (CASH), Disability Support Network (DSN), Ethnic Minorities Network, Heads Up, International Students’ Network, Loughborough LGBT+ Association, Loughborough Women’s Network, Mature Students’ Association and Nightline. Alongside the nine associations, there are number of campaigns to also get involved in within the Welfare & Diversity section. To get involved, simply get in touch with the Welfare & Diversity Rep of your hall or, contact the Welfare & Diversity Office in the Students’ Union.


Loughborough University is home to over 100 societal groups. Societies are student-run groups that offer students a way to get involved in new interests, continue existing hobbies at university, learn new skills or simply, make new friends. Whether you are interested in Quidditch, landscape and gardening, Pokémon or even roller hockey – there is a society for you. There are societies focussing on careers, culture, nation, faith, outdoor activities and sports and performance, arts and music. Be sure to attend the LSU Virtual Societies Bazaar on Saturday 10th October and Sunday 11th October to see all the societies on offer.

And finally…


Whether you are into journalism, photography, presenting, producing or even radio, LSU Media is the place for you. Creating new content daily, LSU Media is a place for all creatives and artists to showcase their talent and work. If you are interested in journalism, Label at LSU Media allows you to write articles for our monthly briefs. LSUTV allows you to showcase your producing talent and presenting abilities. LCR is Loughborough’s very own student radio where you can create your own radio shows to go live on air. Lens is the official student photography group of Loughborough University where there is an opportunity for any amateur and keen photographers to showcase their work by participating in a range of training courses. Be sure to grab your Early Bird membership (ends 12th October) to get involved!


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