Our News Editor, Amie Woodyatt brings you what’s new to Loughborough!

With every Freshers comes changes in the Loughborough Bubble; this year is no different. Not only are we welcoming an entire new hall, we’ve also had departmental alterations, will be trialling the new Executive team structure, an addition to the AU Sport family, and a re-vamp of the LSU building. 

Claudia Parsons hall has been in the University news throughout the 2018-19 academic year, but will be welcoming its first batch of freshers this month. With a climbing wall, trampolines and an outside gym, it will surely give several of the committee heart attacks throughout Freshers fortnight, as the new students soberly make their way home from nights out and try out the activities before they retire to their rooms. 

VC Bob nicknamed the hall ‘CP’ when he officially opened the hall. (To all new students, this may not be the nickname you hear; I shall not repeat it here for want of decorum and class.) 

A couple of departments have also changed. The School of Social Sciences welcomed English into its arms, much to the horror of POLIS students who are now in the department of POLIS… and English. 

Drama has moved to the brand new school of the Creative Arts, along with other Creative Arts. Such as Art. 

Within LSU (Loughborough Students’ Union), the new Exec team is still the ‘Exec’ team, but now consists of only five Executive Officers, and several section chairs. This is a significant change from last year’s 15-strong EO/DO team. 

The five Executive Officers are: the President, Vice President (now one, compact role!), Welfare Officer, Education Officer, and Sport Officer. 

Speaking of sports, the AU (Athletic Union) welcomed another club into its nest during summer. Hopping over from Societies, Shooting (formerly Clay Pigeon Shooting) now bumps the number of AU clubs up to 59. Shame it’s not 10 more really. 

Moving swiftly on. 

The biggest change for those of us who were acquainted with LSU pre-summer, will be the layout of the Union building. Keenos beware. 

Exec are still in the Exec Office, but a savage wall has split Societies and Welfare, Media have been relocated across the corridor, and Enterprise has been shifted upstairs. Or at least that’s the plan? As I’m writing this LSU is alive with the sound of handy humans getting electrics, fancy flooring(?) and general infrastructure sorted for Freshers. 

There may also be a new shop and eatery on the ground floor. A Freshers surprise. 

Undoubtedly you will find more things which have changed, I haven’t even started on the new turf, additions to Societies household, Rag and Action events: suffice to say, there is always something happening at Loughborough. 

Welcome to the wild ride. 

Welcome to the Lboro family. 


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