Welcome to Label’s fortnightly news update, bringing you a few headlines from Loughborough, the UK and around the world.


BUCS Wins Continue

Fresh off the back of a very successful Midlands Conference Cup away at our neighbours Nottingham Trent, we smashed our penultimate BUCS Wednesday with a record of 29 wins to 9 losses. Included in this were 8 BUCS Championship & Trophy Semi-Finals, of which we completed an unprecedented clean sweep! With two fixtures left to play to decide our final set of representative 2 weeks from now at the infamous BUCS Big Wednesday, things are looking in great shape to once again invade the University of Nottingham campus and come home serial BUCS Champions.

Lumps and Bumps

Join us on 20 March, 8am – 8pm. Women, men and non-binary friends, it’s time to get serious and learn how to check your lumps for bumps. Breast and testicular cancer are becoming increasingly recurrent within the UK and worryingly, many adults confess they still don’t know how to check themselves for the signs and symptoms of these life-threatening diseases.

Media Chair Candidates

Three candidates are now running for Media Chair 2019-20, in alphabetical order, those running are: Chris Leroux, Meg Jocson Ong, and Ed Radford. There will be a Q&A on Monday 18th in the Council Chambers at 6.00PM

NZ Shooting

Fifty people have been confirmed dead and at least 20 wounded in shootings at two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern described the incident as a terrorist attack and one of New Zealand’s “darkest days”. It is the nation’s deadliest attack. A gunman identifying himself as an Australian live-streamed the rampage at Al Noor mosque to Facebook. A man in his late 20s has been arrested and charged with murder. Two other men and one woman were also detained.

Brexit Update in 100 words

Members of Parliament have struggled to agree how Britain should leave the EU on 29 March. Deals proposed by Prime Minister Theresa May (and agreed with the EU) have twice failed to get through the House of Commons. Now, MPs hope their 413 to 202 vote on Thursday will help them agree a deal. Any problem? Yes – the Brexit deadline is legally binding, and can’t be extended without the agreement of all 27 other EU countries. Even if the deadline is extended to help prompt the divided British Parliament (and divided governing Conservative Party) to agree a Brexit deal, there’s no guarantee they will.


An eco-friendly new social media trend is inspiring people around the world to clean up litter. Participants are challenged to find an outdoor area that has been littered with trash and take two photos of the scenery; one in which viewers can see the garbage, and the other in which they can see the revitalized area after you have cleaned up all the trash.


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