Thank you for keeping up with us here in Media and throughout the Union. From the team, we’ll see you next year! Good luck for all of those running, and to all students, remember to read manifestos and vote!

20:55 – That’s good-bye from our President candidates! The Soapbox interviews are officially over!

20:45 – more questions from our President Rahul Mathasing sat on our panel in JCs.

20:25 – Josh grills our candidates on reintergrating London and postgrads.

20:15 – Time for the big one! Our Union President candidates join us in the studio now. Just to remind you of who’s running:

Luke Wheeler

Salomé Doré

20:05 – Back to JCs for some feedback as our VP candidates round off their interviews.

19:42 – What would you do with £1M? Union improvements and representation are our candidates plans!

19.32 – We’re now joined by the candidates for VP

Darcey Dunne

Filip Simić

19:05 – Raising awareness about what Education exec can do and representing everyone. Ana-Maria wants to educate our student body and wants to get your voices heard!

19:00 – Postgraduate representation is the key question of the day. Ana-Maria is willing to listen and learn to give all our postgrads a voice.

18:55 – “I can start by helping students raise their voices” Ana-Maria focuses upon communication as she faces Josh’s grilling.

18:48 – Our next interviewee is our Education candidate:

Ana-Maria Bilciu

18:45 – A confident finish for Matt and our Education EO candidate is up next!

18.40 – Back to our live questions… this time one from our current President Rahul about mental health. Nightline is a key topic here.

18:30 – A Loughborough Fringe to promote diversity and more mental health provision are some topics on the agenda. But what about Loughborough London and the college? Matt recognises that these are totally different and need some work.

18:25 – Joining us in the studio now, with a very polished opening statement, is our candidate for Welfare and Diversity EO:

Matt Youngs

18:20 – Next up Matt and RON for Welfare.

18:15 – We’re back live in JCs with some feedback on the panellists…excuse some sound issues!

18:10 – Future finance is up for debate and now the final speeches roll. Thank you to our Sports EO candidates for sharing their plans!

17.58 – Welcome to JCs we’re now live downstairs in the Union!

17:50 – Postgrad involvement and communication are some of our candidates biggest concerns. But with 80% of AU participants undergrads is this necessary?

17:45 -If you’ve got any questions you want our panel to answer drop a comment on the LSUTV live stream or tweet us at @labelonline

17:40 – For a quick reminder of our Sports EO candidates:

Matt Leonard

Lauren Durkan

Farid Yusuf

Ioan Tolosano

17:35 – Sport candidates are up first!

17.30 – LSUTV are live on Facebook! Join in here.

17.25 – Everything’s getting set here!

16.55 – Stay tuned for questions to our candidates, interesting Tweets, and information from our panel. The two members of the Label team who are keeping you updated tonight are Editor, Amie Woodyatt, and News Editor, Izzy Brann.


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