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Maisie Williams

It’s been recently announced that Arya Stark will be joining us for a live Q&A on 31st January. She will be talking about her new app called Daisie, which aims to connect the creative industry. Ticket reservations open on Monday at 10am so be sure to not miss out! Tickets are free and the event will take place in Room 1 at 5.30pm.

Best headline for an article ever?

‘£203k funding for Loughborough Uni Mathematician – to study shapes’. A Loughborough University academic has been awarded £203,354 funding to conduct research in an area of Mathematics that studies complicated and beautiful geometric shapes using algebraic tools. Dr Elisa Postinghel, of the Loughborough University School of Science, has been named a recipient of the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) New Investigator Award and has been provided with the funding to develop new mathematical methods to describe and classify shapes in four or more dimensions. Read more here.

Bob and Brexit

Tuesday night saw Theresa May’s Brexit deal rejected by a record breaking majority of 230 votes, leading to Corbyn calling for a vote of no confidence. Fortunately (or unfortunately – view it how you wish!), May’s cabinet survived the vote, living to fight another day. Now it is clear there is a crisis and the MPs are debating to reach a consensus while Britain begins to stockpile medicine and food. You can read more about this historic situation by reading the Label article. In the light of such news, our very own VC Bob has sent out a statement of inclusion and empathy, promising support and a safe space at Loughborough for all. No matter what state our country is in, we can always rely on our Bob!

Planetary Health diet

As concerns about the sustainability of our lifestyle’s grow, there seems to be a consensus forming that we must change our diets to less meat, less dairy and less sugar – fast. Scientists are working on a diet plan to help keep the planet sustainable. Entitled, the ‘planetary health diet’, scientists propose a plan of not eliminating meat and dairy completely but making some cuts to our daily intake and eating more nuts and vegetables. To read more, you can read the full article here.

US Government Shutdown

There is a dispute over whether to allow Donald Trump nearly $6 billion to build a wall. The Democrats and some republicans are saying no. Which means that there’s no funding available for most government agencies, which includes jobs from museum employees to air traffic controllers! Many citizens have now been working for nearly a month without pay, or have been given forced leave without pay.

Nepal’s Tigers

In honour of National Conservation Day back in September, Nepal announced that there are now an estimated 235 wild tigers in the country, which nearly doubles the record-low baseline of around 121 tigers in 2009. If these trends continue, Nepal could become the first of 14 countries to double its national tiger population since international agencies gathered together in 2010 and set the ambitious TX2 goal to double the world’s wild tiger population by 2022.


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