Returning Label volunteer, Meg Jocson Ong, reveals her top 5 tips for having a more eco-friendly Christmas.


This article shouldn’t be seen as a what to or what not to do list, but simply suggestions to help make the place we live in ‘live’ a little more this Christmas, for the new year and the years after! Try and make this Christmas season the beginning to a more sustainable and eco-friendly life. I hope the next 5 tips spark your interest to help our planet Earth this Christmas and for the years to follow:

  1. Recycled wrapping paper
    Going eco-friendly this Christmas doesn’t mean you have to skip out on all the best parts of the holiday season. One way to have an eco-friendly Christmas is to get recycled wrapping paper. The great thing about this is that you can use it all year round too because recycled wrapping paper comes in an array of designs. You may think this could cost a lot more, but actually some recycled wrapping paper come out more affordable than buying normal wrapping paper. You’ll be able to save both the earth and your money!
  2. Give a gift that can save the planet
    This Christmas season, give a gift that encourages others to help save the planet, too! Something as simple as metal straws and reusable cutlery for on-the-go are so unique and gender free. For a gift a little more expensive, give a really nice insulated water bottle or fashionable reusable eco friendly shopping bag. Something as small and simple as these can help solve the major plastic usage problems we’ve been facing.
  3. Take out take out this month
    Try making meals for your loved ones this holiday season. Try to get less take out and make more home cooked meals with your friends and family. Whether that’s making a roast or making your own coffee at home, you’ll be using less packaging such as take out cups and plastic cutlery that will end up in landfills at one point. Not only is this eco friendly, it will also give you the opportunity to spend more quality time with friends in university.
  4. Mood light only when you need it
    I don’t think anyone will appreciate the extravagant Christmas lights while you’re all out shopping or generally, out of the house. Something as simple as switching off your lights will not only save the planet this Christmas, but also save you a couple of £s from your electricity bill. Another suggestion, in relation to this, is to use LED lights as they use 80% less energy than regular light bulbs. This tip doesn’t only apply to the festive season but also for the rest of the year.
  5. Make homemade gifts
    Nothing says EFFORT quite like something homemade. Small things like baked cookies and giving them in a reusable case can show someone how much time and effort you put into a gift. You’re probably wondering how making homemade gifts will help save the planet. Well, if you’re using items or ingredients you have at home, it will save you not just time but gas you’ll be consuming to go out and shop – meaning less air pollution.

Giving gifts that are eco-friendly doesn’t always have to break the bank or take an insane amount of effort. Why not try being a little bit more eco-friendly as a Christmas gift to our own planet and hopefully to the future generations.


Featured image by: Omeiza Haruna


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